STH Strategic Plan

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To make this a reality, we will:
  • Continue and deepen our leadership role in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
  • Develop the character of our students through mentorship into manhood
  • Identify, test and deploy "best practices" educational approaches that enable all students to fulfill their potential
  • Deliver an exemplary education to each St. Thomas student
This will result from our commitment to:
  • Support the professional development and growth of the faculty so they are enabled to deliver a leading-edge education
  • Ensure a working environment that will retain our quality teachers
  • Recruit and attract dedicated teachers and staff committed to Basilian education and its high standards
  • Hire teachers able to articulate and embody a belief in the vocation of teaching to improve the lives of students
We will accomplish this by:
  • Strengthening connections, with timely messaging, to the St. Thomas community
  • Implementing a regular schedule of communication and marketing efforts to target all audiences
  • Identifying and tracking metrics to measure reach and effectiveness of communications
  • Ensuring consistency of the St. Thomas brand
To make this a reality, the school will:
  • Meet the immediate facilities needs of the current student population
  • Respond to a projected Catholic population increase in Houston by increasing the student body to 1000+ students over the next ten years
  • Ensure that the growth of the student body includes a commitment to the traditions and ideals of the Basilian Fathers and St. Thomas
This will result from our efforts to:
  • Increase participation and financial contributions from all donor segments
  • Provide a variety of avenues for contributions
  • Be accountable stewards of funds and transparent to our donor base
  • Balance long-term growth plans with financial capabilities

4500Forever Executive Summary

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4500Forever FAQs

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Main Campus Architectural Design Renderings

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*All designs are subject to change. These images represent the initial architectural impressions.