Meet Our Faculty

Tim Clarkson - Dean of Students
Lisa Mumbach - Assistant to the Principal & Assistant Principal
Chris Westman - Assistant Principal
Taffy Daussin - Director of Admissions
Claudia Walker - Admissions Coordinator
Alison Broussard - Development Associate
Keith Calkins - Director of Communications
Catherine Chandler - Director of Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator
Mark deTranaltes - Vice President for Advancement
Sebastian Domenech - Alumni Relations & Annual Fund Associate
Molly Hittinger - Grant Writer
Mike Netzel - Director of Athletics
Kenny Martin - Athletic Coordinator / Head Soccer Coach
Erinn O'Hara - Athletic & Admin. Coordinator / Head Lacrosse Coach
Chris Valdez - Athletic Trainer
Ryan Lousteau - Head Baseball Coach
Gail Calkins - Assistant to Dean of Students; Director of Summer Programs
Tim Clarkson - Dean of Students
Fr. Robert H. Glass, CSB - Assistant Dean of Students
Eve Grubb - Vice President of Finance
Susan Krus - Accounts Receivable Manager
Erica Pothier - Accounting & Benefits Manager
Marty Matulia - Director of Campus Ministry
Fr. Mitch Dowalgo, CSB - Director of Faith Formation
Debbie Cogan - Director of Counseling; Counselor, 11th N-Z and 12th Mj-Z
Steven Fuchs - Math Specialist
Patrick Hagler - Choices Counselor
Lisa Hart - Counselor, 11th H-M and 12th Df-Mi
Michael Lesher - Counselor, 11th A-G and 12th A-De
Theresa Northway - Counseling Office Administrative Assistant
Teresa Shaffer - Director of Learning Enrichment Center
Iris Spells - Counselor, 9th and 10th L-Z
Robin Wagner - Counselor, 9th and 10th A-K
John Michael Cuccia - Publications Adviser
Will Nash - Dean of English
Dan Green - Theater Director
Mike Nebel - Dean of Fine Arts
Donald Thoede - Band Director
Joshua Wilson - Choral Director
Bill Dooley - Dean of Foreign Language
John Michael Cuccia - Assistant Director of Technology
Jay DeWitt - Help Desk Specialist / Website Administrator
Christopher Hodge - Director of Technology
Steven Fuchs - Math Specialist
Jay DeWitt - IT Help Desk Specialist
Teresa Shaffer - Director of Learning Enrichment Center
Joanie Shelley - Library Director / Archivist
Troy Froboese - Director of Maintenance
Duane Fuchser - Chief Engineer
Sergio Plata - Director of Operations
Tim Fitzpatrick - Dean of Physical Education
Dr. Pete Nordloh - Dean of Science
Brett Mills - Dean of Social Studies
Loretta Debaillon - Dean of Mathematics
Jenny McConnell - Dean of Theology

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