Faqs about St. Thomas

Do you accept Non-Catholic students?

All qualified students are welcome at St. Thomas regardless of religious denomination. Because we are a Catholic school, all students must take Theology classes, attend class retreats and worship with the St. Thomas community at liturgies and prayer services. We believe that every young man is going on his own journey of faith.

What transportation arrangements can be made?

Many students form car pools with other students from their area. We provide zip code lists for this purpose. The Metro bus line stops in our front yard and many students take advantage of this convenience.

Do St. Thomas men wear a uniform?

Students do not wear a uniform, but they do have a dress code which includes dress slacks with a belt, a shirt with a collar and dress shoes.

What are the school hours?

7:50 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.

What are the qualifications for acceptance into St. Thomas High School?

A student must score at grade level or above on the High School Placement Test, have a strong academic record from Junior High, and receive an excellent recommendation from his Junior High School in order to be accepted to St. Thomas. A strong essay on the application and familiarity with the school also help the student's application. A student must meet all of the above criteria in order to be well prepared for and successful in our rigorous college preparatory progam.

How do St. Thomas students meet girls?

St. Thomas offers many extracurricular clubs which sponsor activities that include students from our sister schools - St. Agnes, Duchesne, and Incarnate Word Academy. Likewise, St. Thomas students are invited to activities which those schools sponsor, so there are ample opportunities to mingle with girls.

What is the average class size?

Most classes average about 20 students, with some as small as 8 and the largest with 25.

How is tuition paid?

Tuition can be paid in three ways. All payments are made directly to SmartTuition:
  • One annual payment made on July 1st for the full amount.
  • Semi-annual payments made on July 1st and December 1st.
  • Ten monthly payments made July 1st through April 1st.

Which sports are available?

At St. Thomas our educational program heeds the ancient motto "a sound mind in a sound body." Interscholastic athletics are an important part of that idea. St. Thomas teams, The Eagles, compete in football, baseball, basketball, track, soccer, tennis, cross country, wrestling, swimming, rugby, lacrosse and golf. All sports are available on the freshmen, junior varsity and varsity levels. All students are encouraged to try out for any team or become a team manager or trainer. Many opportunities are also available through an ongoing intramural program. We have a long, proud history of championship sports. We have earned state titles in rugby, cross country, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, track, basketball and golf.

In which league do we compete?

TAPPS - Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools

Is there a service requirement?

All St. Thomas students are actively involved in service to others during all four years here. Freshmen have a 15-hour service requirement and all Sophomores participate in a service retreat to meet their requirement. Juniors and Seniors are required to perform 40 hours of service each year.

What about extra-curricular activities?

Approximately 95% of St. Thomas students participate in one or more of the many clubs and organizations. These include campus ministry, foreign language clubs, art and music, speech and debate, student government and all student publications.

What about accreditation?

We are accredited by the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Catholic Conference, the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges and the National Catholic Education Association.

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