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The Bookstore provides the materials for learning in digital and hard copy formats. St. Thomas works with MBS Direct to order the eBooks and text books for your student’s schedule.

At the end of the school year, MBS will buy back textbooks. St Thomas also hosts a used book sale at the end of each school year in Cemo Auditorium.

  • Online Bookstore – MBS Direct
    All required digital and print textbooks are sold through our online Virtual Bookstore, operated by MBS Direct.  We use a "Shop by Schedule" system (previously called FastPass) which will use your course schedule to select books for you. Click here to view the instructions for purchasing your books online using Shop by Schedule. All sales will be handled through MBSDirect. The MBSDirect customer service phone number is 800-325-3252.
    Many of our textbooks are eBooks for use on the Windows tablets which will not need to be purchased before the beginning of school or before you have received your school issued tablet. These books will mostly be purchased through our online Virtual Bookstore, however some content will be made available through the teachers of specific courses or through other channels. You will receive instructions from STH for how to access your eBooks.
  • Outside Sources
    If you choose to purchase books from another source other than our official online bookstore, you must match the ISBN# to ensure that you have the correct editions which can be found on the Grade Level Book Lists above.

    Please note that all workbooks, some novels and selected texts must be purchased new. Other books may be purchased used. Digital books (ebooks) and Digital/Print Combos must be purchased through our online Virtual Bookstore in order to ensure the correct edition, unless otherwise noted.
  • Used Book Sale
    Each spring the Eagle Shop hosts a Used Book Sale in which students can buy used books from classmates as well as sell their books. Date and Time will be announced.
  • Selling through MBS Direct
    Go to the MBSDirect virtual bookstore, log in by clicking the "Sell Your Books" button, and go through the process to print out a buyback quote.  Bring the buyback quote with you to the book sale on May 27, and we will box up your books and ship them back for you. After processing, you will receive a check in about two to three weeks.  If you print out a buyback quote but end up selling one or more of the books, you can still use this service to sell back your remaining books on the quote list.  Please note these condition requirements given by MBSDirect. MBS will only buy back textbooks in good condition.
  • Selling through the STH Used Book Sale
    STH hosts a Used Book Sale each spring. Students are encouraged to bring textbooks that they are looking to sell as well as cash to buy books from others for next year.

If you have any questions regarding textbook issues, please send an email to Joshua Wilson, at