On Wednesday, August 14, St. Thomas High School will host Kevin Atlas and the team at Varsity Brands, parent company of BSN Sports, Varsity Spirit and Herff Jones, as they stop by our campus as a part of the “Believe in You” tour.

Kevin Atlas, at nearly seven feet tall, is known as the first disabled player in NCAA history to receive a full Division I athletic scholarship in basketball. Atlas was born with a left arm that ended just at his elbow. Kevin refused to use a prosthetic arm, but defied the odds and in 2007, Sports Illustrated called him “the most exciting player in basketball.” After a successful college basketball career, Kevin went on to play professionally in Asia and has since become one of the top young professional speakers in the nation.

In collaboration with Varsity Brands, the “Believe in You” challenge was created, with Kevin as the spokesperson. Kevin speaks across the country sharing his inspirational journey and encouraging students to support others. Kevin’s message centers around the pillars that students can have a positive impact by instilling confidence and leadership.

St. Thomas Athletic Director, Mike Netzel, collaborated with BSN Sports, our athletic equipment supplier, to help bring the movement to our school, with hopes to start the beginning of the school year on a positive note. To learn more about the #BelieveinYou challenge visit www.believeinyou.com.