In the spirit of Christmas giving, St. Thomas High School, with the efforts of the Brelinsky brothers, Aidan (‘20), Shane (‘20), and Noah (‘22), hosted a toy drive for DePelchin Childrens Center.

Depelchin Children’s Center, an accredited foster care and adoption agency, has been serving the Houston community’s most vulnerable children and families for years. DePelchin works consistently to ensure that every child is placed in a safe and healthy environment while working to break the cycles of abuse and neglect.

This year, DePelchin was in need of 1500+ toys and goods for underprivileged families this holiday season. To help promote the support of this effort, the Brelinsky brothers helped spread the word by contacting DePelchin, making fliers around campus, and appearing on Eagle Broadcast News weekly to encourage students to participate. Additionally, with the help of faculty members, the brothers worked it out to be a competition among the school Houses.

2019 St. Thomas Toy Drive


As a result of the efforts of our community, St. Thomas received more than 1500 toys, gifts, and daily necessities this year for the foster care children of the Houston area. All Houses participated and results in the following amount of toys:

  • Allnoch: 131
  • Belisch: 218
  • Cooper: 145
  • Magee: 201
  • O’Rourke: 325
  • Roche: 108
  • Schwenzer: 84
  • Wilson: 289

“The Brelinsky brothers were dedicated to supporting DePelchin and they are truly living out the mission, vision, and values of St. Thomas High School,” said Jennifer Pearson, Mathematics teacher at St. Thomas High School.

We are proud to have exceeded our goal and know that many families will be able to experience a little more of the excitement and joy of the holiday season. Thank you to help of our STH community and the Brelinsky brothers for making this year’s toy drive a successful one!