On Saturday, December 7, students from Jenny McConnell’s Theology Class visited the newly expanded Houston Holocaust museum.

Since 2001, St. Thomas has offered the Theology elective, The Holocaust in Christian Jewish Dialogue, to senior students. Students enrolled in this course examine the roots, causes, events, and implication of the Holocaust, with emphasis on the historical and spiritual relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

Ms. McConnell has worked in conjunction with both the Houston Holocaust Museum and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum over the last 20 years as a teacher trained to work with students and other teachers in workshops around the country. Each year, she brings students to both museums. During these visits, students have the opportunity to visit with Holocaust survivors and listen to their testimonies.

“The museums offer a unique intense education and experience of the events leading to the Holocaust and the aftermath. The impact on students is difficult to duplicate in a classroom study alone,” said Ms. McConnell, Theology teacher.

This experience was important for students to see first-hand the artifacts that correlate with what they are learning in the classroom. “Being able to see the actual artifacts from the Holocaust puts the story into a whole different perspective. The visit to the museum helped us to feel more connected to what the Jewish people experienced, “said student Benjamin Richards.

Student Miguel Sanchez adds, “I came out with more knowledge about human rights and the Holocaust than I expected. The exhibit provided me with excellent visuals to see what like was like for the Jews during the Holocaust. It was overall a very moving experience and a great history lesson.”

Photo credits: Luke Bennett ‘20