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Faculty & Staff

St. Thomas High School’s talented faculty and staff are dedicated to guiding our students to become the men God intended them to be in mind, spirit, heart and body.

They bring so much knowledge and experience to the young men of St. Thomas – 72% of our faculty have advanced degrees and many of them also have experience in the business world. They model a love of learning, exemplary citizenship and commitment to Christian service. Our student-to-teacher ratio is 11:1, which makes every classroom a place where ideas are explored in depth. The faculty’s effectiveness is evidenced by the remarkable academic success of our students. In the class of 2016, 100% were accepted to college and 82% scored a 3 or higher on Advanced Placement tests that give them the opportunity to earn college credit. Our students attend some of the most highly competitive colleges and universities in the country.

Name Position STH Email
Pedro Acevedo Language Teacher Pedro.Acevedo@sths.org
Mike Adair Social Studies Teacher; Intramural Coordinator Mike.Adair@sths.org
Danny Baker History Teacher Danny.Baker@sths.org
Ashlie Bausley Administrative Assistant in the Business Office Ashlie.Bausley@sths.org
Caroline Becker Director of the Learning Enrichment Center Caroline.Becker@sths.org
Charles Borromeo Basilian Scholastic Charles.Borromeo@sths.org
Beth Breuer Dean of Math Beth.Breuer@sths.org
Alison Broussard Annual Fund Manager/ Database Administrator Alison.Broussard@sths.org
Daniel Bryant ’93 Science, Technology Teacher Daniel.Bryant@sths.org
Gail Calkins Asst Dean of Students; Dir of Summer Programs Gail.Calkins@sths.org
Keith Calkins Director of Communications Keith.Calkins@sths.org
Mary Cassaro Math Teacher Mary.Cassaro@sths.org
Catherine Chandler Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator Catherine.Chandler@sths.org
Pang Chou Math Teacher Pang.Chou@sths.org
Dr. Claire Conboy Science Teacher Claire.Conboy@sths.org
Uriel Cortes Assistant Director of Technology Uriel.Cortes@sths.org
Mary Criaco Assistant Principal Mary.Criaco@sths.org
Philip Cuneo Science Teacher Philip.Cuneo@sths.org
Ray Davis LEC Math Specialist; Defensive Coordinator Raymond.Davis@sths.org
Mark deTranaltes ’83 Vice President for Advancement Mark.deTranaltes@sths.org
Jay DeWitt ’09 Help Desk Specialist; Website Administrator Jay.Dewitt@sths.org
Sebastian Domenech ’10 Alumni Relations Associate Sebastian.Domenech@sths.org
Aaron Dominguez ’96 Principal Aaron.Dominguez@sths.org
Fr. Mitch Dowalgo, CSB Dir of Adult Faith Formation, Language Teacher Mitch.Dowalgo@sths.org
Lance Dundee ’90 Technology Teacher Lance.Dundee@sths.org
David Fritsch ’94 English Teacher David.Fritsch@sths.org
Troy Froboese Director of Maintenance Troy.Froboese@sths.org
Steven Fuchs LEC Math Specialist Steven.Fuchs@sths.org
Duane Fuchser Chief Engineer Duane.Fuchser@sths.org
Madelyn Garza Administrative Assistant in the Counseling Dept. Madelyn.Garza@sths.org
Sarah Garza Admissions Outreach Coordinator Sarah.Garza@sths.org
Cindy Gautschy LEC Math Specialist Cindy.Gautschy@sths.org
Philip Gensheimer Social Studies Teacher Philip.Gensheimer@sths.org
Christina Gensheimer Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Dean of Instruction Chrissy.Gensheimer@sths.org
Alex Gotay Director of Campus Ministry Alex.Gotay@sths.org
Judy Granberry Dean of English Judy.Granberry@sths.org
Gloria Grande Spanish Teacher Gloria.Grande@sths.org
Dan Green English, Fine Arts Teacher Dan.Green@sths.org
Grover Green ’04 Social Studies Teacher Grover.Green@sths.org
Eve Grubb Vice President of Finance Eve.Grubb@sths.org
Patrick Hagler Choices Counselor Patrick.Hagler@sths.org
Gary Hall Head Basketball Coach Gary.Hall@sths.org
Daniel Hernandez ’08 Language Teacher Danny.Hernandez@sths.org
Chris Hodge Director of Technology Christopher.Hodge@sths.org
Maxwell Holmes Asst Director of Admissions Maxwell.Holmes@sths.org
Josh Hooten P.E. Coach/Football Josh.Hooten@sths.org
Casey Johnson ’05 Theology Teacher Casey.Johnson@sths.org
Jerrod Johnson Physical Education Teacher Jerrod.Johnson@sths.org
Kirk Jopowicz Social Studies Teacher Kirk.Jopowicz@sths.org
Susan Krus Accounts Receivable Manager Susan.Krus@sths.org
Nathan Labus Science, Physical Education Teacher Nathan.Labus@sths.org
Lorin Lee Mandarin Teacher Lorin.Lee@sths.org
Deacon Leonard Lockett Theology Teacher, Campus Ministry Leonard.Lockett@sths.org
Ryan Lousteau Business Office Asst Ryan.Lousteau@sths.org
Mike Lynch ’94 Science Teacher Michael.Lynch@sths.org
David Maner Social Studies Teacher David.Maner@sths.org
Kristin Manning Front Office Assistant Kristin.Manning@sths.org
Dr. Ed Marintsch Science Teacher Ed.Marintsch@sths.org
Jenny McConnell Dean of Theology Jenny.McConnell@sths.org
Jennifer McDonald English Teacher Jennifer.McDonald@sths.org
Rich McGuire Physical Education Teacher; Head Football Coach Rich.Mcguire@sths.org
Joan McNatt Math Teacher Joan.McNatt@sths.org
Roland Melchor ’89 Math Teacher Roland.Melchor@sths.org
Brett Mills Dean of Social Studies Brett.Mills@sths.org
Lisa Mumbach Administrative Asst to the Principal Lisa.Mumbach@sths.org
Claudia Mundell English Teacher Claudia.Mundell@sths.org
Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB Asst Dean of Students Jim.Murphy@sths.org
Will Nash English Teacher & Publications Advisor Will.Nash@sths.org
Tami Navarro Admin Asst for Advmt , Athletics & Campus Ministry Tami.Navarro@sths.org
Mike Nebel Dean of Fine Arts Mike.Nebel@sths.org
Mike Netzel Athletic Director Michael.Netzel@sths.org
Chau Nguyen Fine Arts Teacher Chau.Nguyen@sths.org
Dr. Pete Nordloh Dean of Science Pete.Nordloh@sths.org
Joe O’Brien Director of Student Activities; Theology Teacher Joe.OBrien@sths.org
Sean O’Neill ’00 Science Teacher Sean.ONeill@sths.org
Jennifer Pearson MathTeacher Jennifer.Pearson@sths.org
Sergio Plata Director of Operations Sergio.Plata@sths.org
Emma Pluquet Language Teacher Emma.Pluquet@sths.org
Erica Pothier Accounting & Benefits Manager Erica.Pothier@sths.org
Steve Pothier English Teacher & Publications Advisor Steve.Pothier@sths.org
Andrew Quittenton Theology, English Teacher Andrew.Quittenton@sths.org
Staffany Rawls Counselor Staffany.Rawls@sths.org
Marino Segura Spanish Teacher Marino.Segura@sths.org
Matthew Simon Theology Teacher Matthew.Simon@sths.org
Joanie Shelley Librarian; Archivist Joanie.South-Shelley@sths.org
Katherine Schmidt Latin Teacher; Social Studies Teacher Katherine.Schmidt@sths.org
Laura Speck Writing Specialist Laura.Speck@sths.org
Fr. Kevin Storey, CSB President Kevin.Storey@sths.org
Rodney Takacs Dean of Students; Social Studies Teacher Rodney.Takacs@sths.org
Jeff Tesone Counselor Jeffrey.Tesone@sths.org
Donald Thoede Fine Arts Teacher Donald.Thoede@sths.org
Laura Thornton English Teacher Laura.Thornton@sths.org
Chris Valdez Athletic Trainer Chris.Valdez@sths.org
Robin Wagner Counselor Robin.Wagner@sths.org
Claudia Walker Admissions Coordinator Claudia.Walker@sths.org
Nell Warnes Dean of Technology Nell.Warnes@sths.org
Joshua Wilson Fine Arts Teacher Joshua.Wilson@sths.org
Deanna Woodlief Business Office Assistant Deanna.Woodlief@sths.org
Kim Shipman Counselor Kim.Yackel@sths.org
Darrell Yarbrough English Teacher Darrell.Yarbrough@sths.org