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STH Remote Learning

Our Remote Learning tools are designed to maintain instructional continuity, keep students engaged academically, and preserve student connection to the school community.

  • Students and Teachers, be sure and communicate with regularly. Teachers, remember students may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unsure. Students, this is new to teachers as well. Comments on how to improve the experience are welcome, complaints are not. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear about things that are difficult, but your comments must be professional, and keep in my mind the entire class.
  • Teachers will specify specific times each week when students can connect with for individual help.
  • Teachers will notify students and the Assistant Principal in the event they are unable to teach at the designated time.
  • Attendance at study hall is not necessary for teachers or students and will be an opportunity for students to receive virtual LEC, teacher, or counseling support.
  • No dress code

Student Absences – Parent Protocols

1. Parents should inform the Dean of Students Office the morning of a student’s absence for a full or partial day with reason.

2. Parents should use the following email address: Using this email address allows for all members of the Dean’s Office to have access to the email remotely.

3. If a parent needs to leave a voice message and/or needs a call back: 713-864-6348 extension 109. The voice messages can be retrieved remotely by the Dean’s Office and your call will be returned if needed.

4. The Dean’s Office will disseminate information about a student’s absence to teachers and counselors.

5. If a student or family member may be suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 virus, please let the Dean’s Office know immediately.

For the duration of our remote learning model, students are not going to have equitable access to instruction, resources, or time. To account for this, we ask that you make the following adjustments to your grading practices and policies.

Grading Practices

  • Enter at least two grades from any grading category by the end of each week.
  • Students may have until the end of the quarter to make up major in-class assessments that are missed due to an excused absence.
  • Students may have up to a week past a due date to submit an assignment for partial credit.
  • If a student’s grade is below a 50 on a major assignment, provide a brief explanation on the portal (for instance, indicating an assignment as “missing” will suffice). This includes missing grades that are entered as zeros.

Grade Percentage Breakdown

  • Tests – 40%
  • Other daily work (to include quizzes, participation, daily assignments, etc.)- 60%
  • You have the option as to how this is broken up, however, no individual category should account for more than 40% of the total grade.

To download the full PDF on our Grading Policy, Click Here.

For information on LEC Support during Virtual Learning,  Click Here.

  1. Treat each day like a normal school day (as much as possible). Establish a routine similar to what you did when you went to school. Eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, and proceed to attend each class. You may find that it helps you focus to dress up a little or engage in other habits you had when attending school physically.
  2. Set up your own learning area. While you don’t have to have a designated desk, you should try to make a space in your house your own. Keep your supplies and organization systems in this space, so that searching for them later isn’t a distraction. It is best to find an area where you can sit up straight and work on a flat surface, so that you can avoid getting drowsy or distracted.
  3. Keep class materials organized. Your organization system will now have to be virtual/digital. This will happen naturally in some cases, because your teachers have separate classrooms. Just as you would with your binder or folder system, make sure you have designated areas for notes, LAPs, assignments, etc. for each class. Ask your counselor or Ms. Becker for more help.
  4. Take regular breaks. You’ll need to move around regularly. Your teachers are planning for 30-35 minutes of instruction, so you should have at least a ten-minute break between classes. Grab a snack, talk to a family member, or walk around the block. Do your best to avoid electronic distractions during breaks.
  5. Take care of your body as you work. Try to set up a work space that is ergonomically beneficial. See this article for more tips: Ways to Make Your Work From Home Space More Ergonomic.
  6. Be a productive and good digital citizen. You should always be thoughtful about what you post online, but especially what you post in your shared classroom spaces. Be kind to others and think before posting.
  7. Collaborate with classmates. Your teachers will ask that you do this as part of your classwork; in addition, it’s a good idea to develop virtual study groups. Your peers often have the best and most relatable advice for approaching an assignment, asking for help, and staying organized.
  8. Include your family in your learning. Share your ideas about classroom topics with your parents and siblings. Ask them for their support to preserve your learning space and their help to stay organized.
  9. When in doubt, ask for help! You have several resources at home and at school to help you be successful during this time. Contact your teacher, counselor, LEC specialist, or the IT help desk with questions (
  10. Care for your mental health. This new mode of learning, not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic, can feel overwhelming for all of us. Take a breath and give yourself a break. If you find yourself feeling stressed – exercise, meditate, pray, write in a journal, cook a meal…whatever it is that relaxes you. Check in with your counselor or Mr. Hagler ( for more support.

To download the PDF on Best Practices for Video Conferencing, Click Here.

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