Commencement 2020 | Resilience, Recovery, Rising to Greater Heights

The lives of St. Thomas graduates are uniquely fortified by their four years of Basilian college preparatory. But rarely in the 120-year history of the institution has a graduating group been changed in unanticipated ways as the Class of 2020 - those who rallied with the resilience, determination, and adaptability throughout the unprecedented times and [...]

Senior Stories | Robert Frank ‘20 | Driven To Discover

When Robert Frank ‘20 first appeared at St. Thomas within the ranks of the Class of 2020, his was a mere face in the crowd only to subtly emerge as a commanding showstopping presence within the school's acclaimed theater program. A freshman from West University Elementary and the Presbyterian School of Houston, Frank’s reluctant passage [...]

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Senior Stories | John Lucas ’20 | Leadership Through Inspiration

The relative silence that often surrounds John Lucas ‘20 is never to be confused as reluctance, but rather an acute efficiency. Whether meeting the demands of rigorous college preparatory curriculum, or impacting Eagle Rugby, or sharing the virtues of Catholic Basilian education as an emphatic Eagle Ambassador, Lucas reflects on his four years of sacrifice [...]

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St. Thomas Sets June 8 Return for Eagle Football and Cross Country | Phased-Return for Student-Athletes

St. Thomas High School has set June 8 as the date for football and cross country student-athletes to return to campus. In the wake of the coronavirus shutting down and ripping up the spring calendar, Eagle Athletics enters the summer with at least a stationary target after nearly three months in the dark on what [...]

‘Eagles’ Nest’ Spring 2020 | St. Thomas Leaving its Catholic Basilian Imprint on Houston and Nationally

The Eagles’ Nest is the St. Thomas flagship vehicle for telling stories about the vibrant Eagle community. Through compelling narratives and striking visuals, we explore the institution, from the change and growth on campus to how St. Thomas is leaving its Catholic Basilian imprint on Houston and nationally. Our award-winning writing and design provide insights [...]

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Valedictorian Grant McCoy and Salutatorian Grayson Drinkard | Brothers in Arms Leading Class of 2020

First they were friends in kindergarten. Then classmates at Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School in Katy. And Beckendorff Junior High. When choosing his high school destination, Grant McCoy exercised a bold decision to not follow his sister’s path to a macro public experience and opted for the rich heritage of Basilian education at St. Thomas. The [...]

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St. Thomas Alumni Network Responds During Pandemic | Eagles Supporting Eagles and Community

No one in academia, not to mention restaurants and retail, athletics and entertainment, Main Street to Wall Street, had any idea that by the Ides of March and into mid-May the United States would be in the sort of footing that anyone under the age of 75 understood only from their parents and the writings [...]

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Step Up Study Skills Summer Program for Rising 9th Graders | Propelling Future St. Thomas Success

St. Thomas continues its active response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic as educators and students adjust to the ripple effect of the novel coronavirus. The Remote Learning Program concluded the 2020 academic year. Multiple summer options will also be moving to a virtual format, including a specialized curriculum designed specifically for incoming freshmen making the [...]

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Valedictorian Grant McCoy and Salutatorian Grayson Drinkard Lead 2020 St. Thomas Academic Awards

As the novel coronavirus pandemic rocked the country into lockdown, St. Thomas was forced to evolve into an institution of remote learning. But even in the face of difficulties and hardships unprecedented in modern times, affirmations of the power and resilience of the Basilian spirit emerged. In moving examples that shared such hope, the annual [...]

St. Thomas Community Mourns Loss of Deacon Leonard Paul Lockett

It is with great sadness that the St. Thomas campus community mourns the loss of Deacon Leonard Paul Lockett, valued faculty member and contributor to St. Thomas Campus Ministry. He passed away April 25 after a long illness. A beloved supporter of the St. Thomas family, Lockett leaves a legacy that will have a lasting [...]

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