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Information Technology

St. Thomas High School’s 1-1 Mobile Learning Environment provides all students with the opportunity to integrate mobile technology into their educational experience.

Students in the 21st century are digital learners. Our mobile learning environment provides all students a connection to the Internet for meaningful real-time experiences with others in their classes, community and world.

What does it mean to be a 1-1 tablet school?
While St. Thomas maintains three computer labs and campus-wide wireless access to the internet, a 1-1 tablet school means that each student has the same type of mobile device. St. Thomas provides each student with a tablet, detachable keyboard and protective hard case.

What are the effects of 1-1 technology?
This environment provides students and teachers access to a booming array of software, digital learning resources, digital books and textbooks. The focus is not on the technology but using the tablet as a tool to enhance student learning. Learning in the 21st century is different from even 20 years ago, and using mobile technology in today’s society is a fact of life. St. Thomas is proud to be a leader in providing all students access to the internet and digital resources via tablets. In addition, we were the first private school in Houston to institute a tablet program of this scale. This 1-1 mobile learning environment enhances student engagement and collaboration.

How much do the tablets cost?
St. Thomas provides a tablet to each student and the costs are included in tuition. The tablet is the property of the school.

What restrictions will be placed on the tablet?
All students are educated on the proper use of the tablet. Certain “apps” and websites are blocked from use. In addition, an acceptable use policy must be read and signed by both students and parents before a tablet is issued to a student. During the school day, school officials conduct periodic tablet inspections to ensure the devices are being used appropriately. Although the tablet is intended for school use, students will be able to use it at any time and any place. Because of this, St. Thomas recommends that parents partner with the school and monitor tablet usage at home.
The Help Desk is located in the Learning Commons. Students may come any time between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm if they are having hardware-based (cracked screen, missing keyboard keys) or software-based (programs aren’t working, can’t connect to wifi) issues with their tablets.