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Student Honor Code

“As a man of St. Thomas, I uphold our honor through Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge, and I lead my brothers to do the same.”

This code goes beyond Academic Honor. It informs the conduct of every St. Thomas student:

  • On the field
  • In the locker room
  • On the weekends
  • With underclassmen and peers
  • With Our parents
The honor code prevents:
  • Cruelty toward others, racial slurs, bullying, harassment or any language or action that demeans the dignity of another person.
  • Failure to come to the aid of a fellow Eagle brother in need.
  • Distributing, manufacturing, providing, selling, or taking illicit drugs or controlled substances.
The honor code prevents:
  • Defiance or disrespect of school authority.
  • Skipping class, an assembly, Mass, or other school activity
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct in athletic or academic competition.
The honor code prevents:
  • Submitting any amount of work using false sources or without properly citing sources.
  • Falsely passing off any amount of work as your own.
  • Use of any unauthorized notes, texts, aides, or other assistance.
  • Giving or receiving any unauthorized aid, assistance, or collaboration.
  • Falsifying the signature of another person on any document.
The GDK Honor Roll is a way to honor students who stand out as exemplars of our school's three virtues: goodness, discipline, and knowledge.

The GDK Honor Code isn’t just something we recite or read on a test; it is something we are called to live. As men of St. Thomas, we strive to do our best every day. We are surrounded by students who model what it means to be good, disciplined, and learned men.

The GDK Honor Roll was created in 2016 as a way for us, as a whole community, to acknowledge our brothers who are genuine examples of our Honor Code.

During the school year, the students, faculty, and staff of St. Thomas are invited to nominate students who we witness living the GDK Honor Code on and off campus. At the close of the nominations, a committee of students from every grade level meet to select the top nominees to be inducted into the St. Thomas High School GDK Honor Roll. It is one of the highest honors a St. Thomas student can achieve.

Honor Roll 2016-17

  • Ryan Deitz ‘17
  • Joseph Hassell ‘18
  • Nathan Le ‘17
  • Zach Zugheri ‘17
  • Grant Caillouet ‘17
  • Jordan Marget ‘17
  • David Hotze ‘17