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Upcoming Events

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National Honor Society Induction
College Case Studies Night, 6pm - 8pm

We will offer an interactive presentation whereby students and parents will have the opportunity to see both how admissions decisions are made by colleges and then to take part in an imitation admissions decision making process.  During the evening, students and parents will meet in Cemo for a brief introduction, then will divide into six admissions committees and, with the guidance of a college rep, they will read applications of three fictitious students.  They will then decide upon an admissions decisions for each.  It is a great opportunity to see first-hand how admission decisions are made and the issues with which admissions offices wrestle.

Afterward, they will all meet back in Cemo for a debriefing and a chance to hear about what decisions were made by the other groups, learn about what factors were considered before making those decisions, and then compare how those decisions may or may not have differed from their own.

If you have any questions contact the counseling department.
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