St. Thomas High School has created an immersive outdoor leadership camp for all incoming freshmen that will take place August 16 – 19, 2024 at Camp Cho-Yeh near Livingston, Texas.

Camp Aquinas seeks to forge the young men of St. Thomas into servant-leaders through a comprehensive curriculum based both in authentic mentorship and the power of the experience of nature. This very special camp experience supports the Basilian tradition to teach Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge and of the school’s vision to form strong Catholic young men in service to the Church and the world.

Click below for to view Camp Aquinas 2023 information, updates and packing list.

Research shows that through experiential education programs young people can learn significant things about themselves, including new personal and life perspectives as well as develop a better understanding of themselves and how they relate to others. Camp Aquinas is structured to ensure success for all participants, both as individuals and House members. We strive to build a united community where young men feel they are the authors of their own lives. The goals of the camp include increasing communication skills, enhancing group cooperation, camaraderie, collaboration, improving problem-solving skills, enhancing leadership skills, and increasing respect and trust for oneself and for the team.

Trips outside of the classroom often allow young people the opportunity to see themselves in a new and remarkable way. We feel that these experiences beyond the classroom walls will help provide our students with the building blocks needed to continue to move forward as connected, resilient, competent, confident, and self-aware young men.

  1. Students will learn how to identify different types of plants, trees, and snakes through a hands on science lesson.
  2. Students will learn how to read and write poetry that is inspired by the beauty found in nature.
  3. Students will learn how to speak clearly and confidently in front of a large audience through various speech competitions.
  4. Students will learn how to identify different leadership philosophies by looking closely at histories great leaders.
  5. Students will learn how to work effectively on a team as they compete in various activities such as:
    • Orienteering
    • Rock Climbing
    • High and low ropes
    • Archery and paintball
    • Crate stacking
    • Building a house boat
    • Fire building [magnesium strip]
    • Capture the flag