St. Thomas students can tell their stories to the world via student-run broadcast and print journalism news outlets.

Elective courses in Publications I & II, Broadcast & Video Production and Broadcast Journalism expose our students to the latest digital technology in the newsroom and the TV studio, allowing them to gain practical experience on the most popular platforms in the industry.

The Eagle is the official award-winning website for the student news magazine of the same name. The print edition of The Eagle has been a forum for St. Thomas students since 1929. Aquin, the school yearbook, has chronicled the history and traditions of STH since 1945.

Publications Faculty:

Will Nash (B.A. English, Texas A&M University, M.A. English, National University) started teaching at St. Thomas in 2005. His teaching assignments include Advanced English II, English II and Publications Adviser.

In 2013, the Eagle Broadcast Network (EBN) began broadcasting a live news program that begins every school day. EBN also broadcasts live student-run play-by-play during home football games and produce videos for pep rallies and the website.

EBN Faculty:

Lance Dundee ‘90 (B.S. Communications, Marquette University; M.A.T. Specialization in Educational Technology, National University) is a 1990 graduate of St. Thomas. He joined the faculty in 2005 and has over 25 years of experience in the technology field. He teaches Computer Applications, Web Design and new courses in Broadcast & Video Production and Broadcast Journalism. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Dundee was a database and system administrator, process engineer, project manager and business analyst.