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Welcome to St. Thomas High School! The Admissions Department has compiled important information below to assist students with their transition into St. Thomas High School. Please carefully review the information found in each tab.

The Admissions Department is here to help you navigate the journey to becoming a St. Thomas Eagle. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer your questions about your future at St. Thomas High School. You may also reach the Admissions Office at 713-864-6348 ext. 175 or at


Creating a Smart Tuition Login – April 14

Please create your account by April 14th. This process is not required for online enrollment, but it is necessary to make regular payments, including your May 1st and June 1st Camp Aquinas installments. Your account will also allow you to view any scholarships or financial aid.

To create your son’s Smart Tuition Login for regular tuition payments, you will need the confirmation page or email you received from with your Smart Family ID.

Course Placement Tests – April 17

Course Placement Tests will be on April 17. Math will take place from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., Science will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and World Language tests for Spanish, French, Mandarin and Latin will take place from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Please email should you have any questions or concerns. For extended time requests, please email supporting documentation to or

Freshman Football Skills Assessment – May 5

Interested in playing football at St. Thomas? Tryouts will be on May 5 at 6:00 p.m. Please email should you have any questions or concerns.

Mentor Moms Social – May 1

All incoming freshmen mothers are invited to the Mentor Moms Social on May 1 at 10:00 a.m in Cemo Auditorium. This is a great opportunity to meet other mothers who live in your area. All guests will be provided with useful information to start the year off! Click here to RSVP.

Mothers’ Club Luncheon – May 14

During this event, we will introduce you to the Mothers’ Club, which is made up of all mothers at St. Thomas across all grade levels and sponsors social, informative, and fundraising events.

Booster Club Social – May 12

A parent-only social, sponsored by our St. Thomas Booster Club, for all new parents to have an opportunity to meet each other as an entire parent class. Click here to register and view more information about the event.

Scholarships & Financial Aid Awards posted to SmartTuition – End of May

First Tuition Payment Due via SmartTuition – July 1

Student Username and Emails distributed – Early July

Summer Programs – June & July

Summer@STH delivers a rich variety of engaging opportunities directed towards developing lifelong learners and champions for life. Our goal is to provide an experience that sparks curiosity and ignites passion while improving core skills.

  • SMARTS Study Skills Enrichment Course
  • Parent, English, & Math Boot Camps
  • Health & Computer Applications Courses
  • Athletic Training & Athletic Summer Workouts
  • Eagle Band Camp
  • Required Summer Courses

Breakfast with The President – The week of July 26

Parents of incoming freshmen are invited to be Fr. Murphy’s guest for breakfast. Hear his vision for the school, ask questions, and meet other new parents. At this time we can accommodate only 25 guests for each breakfast: Week of July 26th 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Register by emailing Include the name of each person attending and your choice of date. Students do not attend, but grandparents and other adults are welcome.

First day of School – August 5

Camp Aquinas – August 15 – 19

Save the date! All incoming freshmen are required to attend Camp Aquinas, an immersive, educational, and outdoor leadership camp.
View Camp Aquinas Information & Packing List (PDF)


Summer@STH delivers a rich variety of engaging opportunities directed towards developing lifelong learners and champions for life. Our goal is to provide an experience that sparks curiosity and ignites passion while improving core skills.

  • SMARTS Study Skills Enrichment Course
  • Parent, English, & Math Boot Camps
  • Health & Computer Applications Courses
  • Athletic Training & Workouts
  • Eagle Band Camp
  • Required Summer Courses


St. Thomas High School has created an immersive outdoor leadership camp for all incoming freshmen that will take place August 15 – 19, 2021, at Camp Cho-Yeh near Livingston, Texas.

Camp Aquinas seeks to forge the young men of St. Thomas into servant-leaders through a comprehensive curriculum based both in authentic mentorship and the power of the experience of nature. This very special camp supports the Basilian tradition to teach Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge and of the school’s vision to form strong, Catholic young men in service to the Church and the world.



Mary Criaco
Assistant Principal

Rodney Takacs
Deans of Students

Gail Calkins
Assistant Dean of Students

Chrissy Gensheimer
Assistant Dean of Instruction

Chelette Stephenson
Director of Counseling

Andrew Quittenton
Director of Campus Ministry

Mike Netzel
Director of Athletics

Joe O’Brien
Director of Student Activities

Caroline McRoberts
Director of the Learning Enrichment Center

Christopher Hodge
Director of Technology



Please review the St.Thomas High School Student-Parent Handbook (PDF) before the start of the school year.


In-depth information regarding the St. Thomas High School dress code can be found on page 42 of our Student-Parent Handbook (PDF).


For safety and security reasons, students are required at all times on school days to wear their School ID on a lanyard around their neck that is visible outside all clothing.  From arrival on campus until exiting campus, Student ID’s must be on and visible unless a student is participating in PE or an after-school sport.

The student ID is also used as a key fob for school entrances.

For questions or information regarding student dress code, the student-parent handbook, attendance, health, or discipline, please email


Magnus Health is our web-based student medical record system. Magnus Health provides an online solution for collecting, accessing, and protecting your son’s vital health information. All required school forms for the school year must be submitted through Magnus Health.

Parents will receive an email from our Magnus Health system in early June. The deadline to provide all necessary information through your Magnus Health account June 24, 2021.

As part of the Magnus Health account, all freshmen and transfer students must upload a physical, dated on or after April 15, 2021, to their Magnus Health account by this deadline.

Students are encouraged to have a new physical, if possible. Students who elect to see a personal physician for their physical exam, please download the STH Physical Form (PDF) and then upload the completed documents to your Magnus Health account.

*IMPORTANT: All students must have their Magnus Health completed in order to begin school and attend Camp Aquinas or other off-campus activities the first week of school.

For questions or information regarding Magnus, please email



  • The list of required Summer Reading titles can be found on our Student Life page under the “Bookstore” dropdown.
    • Summer reading assignments will be posted later this spring semester.
    • Once at the “Bookstore” dropdown, open the link “Summer Reading 2021-2022” then click on the blue titles.
    • Required assignments for Summer Reading can be found by clicking on the blue title of the book.
  • You may purchase your student’s Summer Reading books from our official Virtual Bookstore at BNC K-12 or from any other bookstore. If you choose to purchase your book at a bookstore, please be sure to purchase books with the exact ISBN indicated on the list” (The “N” in ISBN stands for “number” so we don’t need that word).


  • Student textbooks are ordered online through our Virtual Bookstore hosted by BNC K-12 (Formerly called MBS Direct).
    • Our Virtual Bookstore (BNC K-12) will not open for Fall/Spring textbook purchases until July 5, 2021. 
    • In July, parents will receive an email from our Director of IT, Christopher Hodge, with information on how to purchase textbooks through BNC K-12.

Please note: 

  • Some textbooks in the Virtual Bookstore (BNC K-12) are physical textbooks that will be delivered to you. Others are digital downloads for reading on student tablets.
  • Do not download digital books onto your student’s tablet. This will be done the first day of class.

For questions or more information regarding Summer Reading or the Virtual Bookstore, email Joshua Wilson at


Please view the STH Portal Instructions (PDF) to create your account, view course selection requests, and complete required Magnus Health forms. Usernames and emails will be distributed in early July.


Student course selections will be published on the STH Portal in July.


View our full Course Catalogue (PDF) below, which includes all academic courses offered.


Parents will receive an email in early July regarding their student’s STH-assigned email address and student ID number.

For questions or information regarding your STH Portal, Student Email, or Student ID, please email


LAPs are “Learning Activity Packets” that outline the goals and learning objectives for each unit of study. LAPs are provided for each class and can be found on the STH portal. Please watch our LAP Instructional Video to learn about the importance of LAPs to a student’s success at St. Thomas High School.

For questions or more information about LAPs, please email


The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC), located in the library, is a space for students to continue the thinking, learning, and planning that occurs in their classrooms. The experienced specialists in the LEC provide additional instruction that extends the work our teachers do in class in order to meet each student’s unique learning needs. At no extra cost, students are able to seek assistance and feedback on their assignments with one-on-one tutoring. Students may request tutoring before and after school, during their study hall, and during lunch.

For questions or more information regarding our Learning Enrichment Center, please email Caroline McRoberts at


The mission of the St. Thomas High School Counseling Department is to provide comprehensive services that support the academic achievement, collegial aspirations and mental well-being of the men of St. Thomas while fostering the STH qualities of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.

Counselors at St. Thomas are alphabetically assigned to students and work with them beginning in 9th grade. Students remain with their counselor through graduation. Counselors work with students on academic, personal/social issues, and post-secondary choices. A college software program called Naviance is used extensively throughout this process.

For questions or more information regarding Counseling, please email Chelette Stephenson at



Please visit our School Calendar for important upcoming events. View important freshman-related events on the School Calendar by clicking “Show Filters” and selecting the “Incoming Freshmen” filter in the “Event Category” dropdown.



View a full list of our Bell Schedules (PDF).

For questions or information regarding our Academic Calendar or Bell Schedules, please email



Students have the option to either dine in at our Sage Dining Services cafeteria or bring their own lunch from home.

To dine in the at the Sage Dining cafeteria, please register your student for a MyKidsSpending account.

  • The MyKidsSpending link will open in July 2021.
  • You will need a student ID number in order to open an account with MyKidsSpending.
  • Student’s MyKidsSpending account is linked to their Student ID card. Funds from the student’s MyKidsSpending account will be used when their Student ID card is scanned at the cafeteria.
    • Student ID cards are provided during the first few days of school.
    • If planning to dine in at the Sage Cafeteria, freshmen and transfer students must bring cash for purchases until they receive their student ID cards. 
  • No credit cards or debit cards may be used in the cafeteria.
  • Cash is accepted.
  • St. Thomas High School strongly encourages all parents to open and fund a MyKidsSpending account.



For questions or information about Sage Dining Services, please email Henry Bautista at


St. Thomas High School’s campus is undergoing changes as far as entry and exit in order to increase security and safety for our community. A detailed pick-up and drop-off plan is forthcoming and will be shared before the start of the Fall semester.


St. Thomas High School offers three bus routes from the Cypress, Kingwood, and Spring areas. If you are interested in joining those bus routes, please visit our Preparing to Apply page and click the “Transportation” tab for more information.

For questions or information regarding bus transportation, please email Cindy Martini at


Please visit our Student Life page and click on the “Student Parking and Driving on Campus” dropdown for more information.

For questions or information about student parking permits, please contact our Business Office at


Students who participate in extracurricular activities reap the benefit of the total St. Thomas educational experience. St. Thomas High School empowers its students to pursue their passions and build a community around topics and activities they love. Our robust program of clubs and organizations provide avenues for personal, cultural, and spiritual growth.

For questions or information about our Student Organizations, please email Veronica Looper at



Students are required to accumulate a minimum of 25 service hours each year at St. Thomas High School.

The goal of service is not for the sake of collecting hours, but rather to be the “hands and feet” of God to God’s people. Each young man will go through rigorous hours of theological content as a student at St. Thomas High School; being of service to the community allows each to put into action what he has learned, while honoring our mission to uphold Goodness.

For questions or information about our Service Hours, please email Veronica Looper at



Athletics at St. Thomas High school has a tradition of excellence, and strives to succeed on the field of competition and in the development of student character and faith. St. Thomas offers 12 sports with multiple team levels and competes in the Texas Association of Private and Parochial School (TAPPS).

For questions and information about Student Athletics, please email Mike Netzel at



St. Thomas High School is a vibrant community that exists because of our dedicated and loyal parents, whose selfless commitment to our school advances our sacred mission. There are many ways parents can give their time and talent to the St. Thomas community, such as through the following clubs and guilds below:

Mothers’ Club
Booster Club
Music Guild
Drama Guild
Forensics Guild
Eagle House



St. Thomas High School’s email newsletter sent every Wednesday



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If you have not received your Mentor Mom team assignment or have a question about Mentor Moms, please email

Mentor Mom Team Leaders: Candice Croker, Emily Guyre, and Stephanie Yankowsky

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For questions and further information, please contact the following administrators based on your inquiry below: 

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Summer Reading & Virtual Bookstore –

Student Course Selections, Schedules, LAPs, or Academic Support –

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