The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for the well-being of our students, with special emphasis given to the areas of attendance, health, and discipline.

We enforce rules and regulations of STHS and manage record-keeping for both internal and external requirements including, but not limited to:  student punctuality, late arrivals, early dismissals, absences, in-school medical needs, Magnus Health accounts, Student-Parent Handbook, student behavior, and student safety.

For all policies and procedures including but not limited to attendance, health, and discipline, please read and review the current Student-Parent Handbook.

For general questions and to report absences, late arrivals, and early dismissals, please contact our office using one of the following:
713-864-6348 x 109

For any Magnus Health or general health related questions, contact Elizabeth Horan (713-864-6348 x 109).

We are so excited to inform you that St. Thomas High School uses CarpooltoSchool! We will now be providing the CarpooltoSchool web and mobile apps for parents and students to make it easier to meet and create carpools or even walk to school together.

Carpools are great for parents, students and schools. They save time, money and help students make new friends. Visit to join. Access is exclusive to our community only!

For more information, please email

The Dean of Students Office includes a full-time Wellness Counselor whose primary responsibility is addressing emergent concerns surrounding student well-being and mental health. Past wellness topics have included stress and anxiety, bullying, healthy coping skills and self-care, the importance of quality sleep, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, grief, substance misuse, digital citizenship, mental disorders, suicide prevention, and other addictions. Our Wellness Counselor provides psychoeducation on prevention and intervention, consultation services to families, and short-term counseling to students who are self-referred or referred by parents, peers, faculty, or staff. The Wellness Counselor also proactively checks in with students to build relationships and inquire about mental health and well-being.

Wellness Counselor: Marisa Gonzalez – email or call 713-864-6348, ext. 192