Our primary objective is to provide young men with the highest level of education while instilling the core virtues of the Catholic faith, thereby shaping the well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

Built upon the cornerstones of faith, knowledge, empathy, and tradition, our school is and always has been an incubator for gifted individuals who have the drive to change the world but require the guidance to do so. In this way St. Thomas has been providing the leaders of tomorrow with the tools they need to excel in life for over 100 years and, with God’s guidance, we will continue to do so for 100 more.

Teaching goodness, discipline and knowledge is the tradition of the Basilian Fathers and the sacred mission of St. Thomas, a Catholic college preparatory high school.
A man of St. Thomas is a faith-filled, life-long learner who thinks critically, communicates effectively, and prepares thoroughly to excel in college and in life. He actively serves his community, integrates Christian morality into all aspects of his life, and measures his success by the standards set forth in the Gospels.

St. Thomas High School actively passes on Christ’s message, upholds human dignity, and fosters a just society. We expect our young men to serve God, one another, and their greater community.

St. Thomas High School seeks a student body that is a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse community. We strive to instill appreciation and respect for the unique qualities of each student.

St. Thomas High School’s faculty consists of dedicated leaders whose vocation is to embody the Catholic Christian values we teach. We aim to demonstrate expertise, integrity, and enthusiasm in our various fields of study.

St. Thomas High School provides a strong academic curriculum that prepares students for advanced achievement in college and their chosen professions. We stress a well-rounded education that fosters a knowledge of and appreciation for the fine arts.

St. Thomas High School meets the challenges of the modern world with an extensive technological program. We guide students to an ethical use of these dynamic tools in a mobile learning environment.

St. Thomas High School cultivates a positive learning atmosphere conducive to the development of the whole person. We offer numerous opportunities for extra-curricular activities that build community and develop personal interests.

St. Thomas High School maintains a competitive athletic program designed to strengthen the body and develop the mind and character of our young men. We promote a healthy attitude that stresses sportsmanship, team work, and Christ-like behavior.