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Leading by Example

Culled from the ranks of the outstanding St. Thomas alumni and the devoted members of the St. Thomas community at large, the inspiring men and women who make up the St. Thomas Board of Directors and Foundation Board truly set an example of excellence to which our students can aspire. Their dedication and vision maintains the rapid momentum of the school’s growth and keeps the school on a righteous path that benefits not only St. Thomas, but also the greater Houston community.

Leadership at St. Thomas is not strictly limited to the Board of Directors or Foundation Board, however. Graduates of St. Thomas go on to make monumentally positive impacts on the world and often lead in subtle ways as employees, employers, parishioners, coaches, etc., continuing the St. Thomas tradition of using one’s gifts to serve others.

Administration 2017-18

Fr. Kevin Storey, CSB President
Aaron Dominguez ’96 Principal
Eve Grubb Vice President of Finance
Mark deTranaltes ’83 Vice President for Advancement
Mary Criaco Assistant Principal
Rodney Takacs Dean of Students
Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB Assistant Dean of Students
Gail Calkins Assistant Dean of Students
Taffy Daussin Director of Admissions
Scott Wiens Director of Counseling
Mike Netzel Athletic Director
Marty Matulia Campus Minister

Board of Directors 2017-18

Front Row: Terrie Hogan-Turner; Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB; Tina McCarthy; Fr. Kevin Storey, CSB; Betsy Bagley; Fr. David Bittner, CSB; Michelle Carnahan; Sammy Ford; Back Row: Oniel Mendenhall; Doug Wrinkle; Hector Herrera; Larry Haas; Leon Adams; John Rathmell, Jr.; Robert O’Brien ; Al Clay ; Greg Hall. Not pictured: Bishop George Sheltz.

John Rathmell, Jr. ’75, Chair

Leon Adams P’13

Betsy Bagley P’12

Fr. David Bittner, CSB

Michelle Carnahan

Al Clay ’61

Sammy Ford ’00

Larry Haas ’73, P’12

Greg Hall ’69, P’98 & ’00

Hector Herrera, ’79, P’09 & ‘15

Terrie Hogan-Turner P’13

Tina McCarthy P’03

Oniel Mendenhall ’96

Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB

Robert O’Brien ’82

Bishop George A. Sheltz ’63

Doug Wrinkle

Fr. Kevin Storey, CSB, Ex-Officio

Foundation Board

Thad Fuller ’76, Raymond James & Associates Inc.


Ken Fisher, Noble Energy

Past Presidents 
Jim Maroney ’69, Retired

Andy McStay ’69, Porto, Trueheart, & McStay

Members At Large
Ed Britt P ’17, Bowen Miclette Britt

Ann Garnett P ’11, ’13, MRC Global Inc.

Rev. James Murphy, CSB, St. Thomas High School

David Hanse ’91, Wunderlich Securities

Bob McConn ’66, Trial Lawyer

Charles Russo ’80, Marketouch Media

John Rynd ’75, Hercules Offshore Inc.

Rev. Kevin Storey, CSB, St. Thomas High School, President

By Invitation of the Board
Mark deTranaltes ‘83, St. Thomas High School, Vice President for Advancement

Eve Grubb P ’09, ’14, St. Thomas High School, Vice President of Finance