Campus Ministry Service Program

Our service program is designed to serve as a catalyst for our young men to grow into caring, spiritually healthy adults. Each student is asked to take part in six different service experiences per year of enrollment. An experience consists of an event or series of connected events meant to achieve a specific result to benefit our community and those who are marginalized. A specific number of hours is intentionally not defined, as we prefer to focus on the quality of the experiences.

Our Service Requirement for Each Eagle

Each enrolled student is asked to earn six (6) service Experiences per year. At least three Experiences ought to be in direct contact with those who are needy and/or vulnerable.

What is meant by ‘experience’?

An experience is a single act or occasion of service. In order to be counted, it must be documented in Mobileserve™ within thirty days of completion. Most experiences will be two or more hours in duration; if the service act is multi-day, each day is one experience. If the service act is less than one hour in duration, three would comprise one experience.

Categorizing Service

Students are asked to categorize each Experience, to help reinforce the need to achieve three direct ones with poor and/or vulnerable people. The two categories from which students must select are:

  1. Serving the greater good;
  2. Directly Serving the Poor and/or Vulnerable (Three of the six required Experiences must be from this category).

Please click here to learn more about categorization, and to also see examples and frequent questions.

Documenting Service

MobileServe™ is our chosen tool for monitoring service completion. In order for service to be credited to a student, he is responsible for entering his work. All students will have access to Mobileserve™ at the start of their first days on campus. Service must be entered within 30 calendar days of completion, or it will not be eligible to count. Summer work can be entered by September 30. All students are given access and set-up instructions to Mobileserve™ when school begins in August. If work is completed during the summer, it will need to be entered once school begins, so that we may be fully available to support questions and other student needs.

Finding Service Experiences

We as a school will share a variety of service opportunities as often as we are able. Ultimately, our students must own the responsibility to find and pursue service independently. In addition:

  • We maintain a fully accessible Master List of Service Opportunities online, which shares over fifty opportunities locally to serve.
  • Students are encouraged to actively seek service opportunities that they discover near their own communities; to determine if service is aligned with our vision, please refer to the Seven Catholic Social Teachings.

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