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Students who participate in extracurricular activities reap the benefit of the total St. Thomas educational experience.

To enrich the learning experience, STH sponsors many organizations to give your son the opportunity for school and social service and to pursue activities in various fields of interest.  Student participation in these organizations is highly encouraged.


Interested in signing up for one of the STH clubs below? Fill out the form with the club you would like to sign up for and all of your existing contact information. If you have any questions, please email



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    The Asian Culture Club is a student-led exploration of the diverse cultures in East, Southeast, and South Asia. In addition to celebrating major international holidays like the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Lunar New Year, we take time to appreciate unique individual cultures within the Asian continent. We meet at least once a month to come together for a cultural presentation and enjoy the cuisine of a different country.

    Sponsor Contact: Lorin Lee, Faculty, Department of Math and Department of Languages

    To access the Asian Culture Club Fall Fair video, CLICK HERE.

    Through weekly bible study, group dialogue and prayer students will have the opportunity to develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Sponsor Contacts:  Michael Netzel, Coach, Director of Athletics & Andrew Quittenton, Dean of Theology/Director of Campus Ministry

    Assist the head athletic trainer with first aid, hydration, rehab, and treatment of STH athletes.

    Sponsor Contact: Chris Valdez, Staff, Athletic Trainer

    The mission of The Be-A-Friend Project, founded by Diego Ramos ‘22, is to end senior isolation in assisted-living homes through social interaction with youth. The medical effects of social isolation are extremely detrimental to an elder’s physical, mental, and emotional health. This organization serves to end the social isolation and the harmful medical effects that come with it by tracking how the health of the elders improve over time when using social interaction as a prescription to fight ailments. Volunteering occurs in collaboration with The Village of River Oaks senior home, at 1015 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019, Wednesdays, from 4:00-5:00.

    Sponsor Contact: Joe O’Brien, Faculty, Department of Theology, Director of Student Activities

    The Book Club fosters and encourages a love of reading and provides a forum for interesting, intellectual conversation.

    Sponsor Contact: Joanie Shelley, Faculty, Librarian, Archivist and LEC History Specialist

    Business Club meets once monthly and features guest speakers from the business community. These discussions cover everything from how to approach the best college path, as well as sharing ideas of how to gain experience.

    Meetings are held every 2 weeks on Tuesdays at 11am in Cemo Auditorium.

    Sponsor Contact: Chelette Stephenson, Staff, Director of Counseling.


    The Chess Club meets on Monday and Thursday afternoons in Mary Moody. Chess Club activities appeal to both the recreational and tournament-competitive mind set. As such, beginners and casual players are always welcome.

    To access the Chess Club Fall Fair video, click here.

    Sponsor Contact: Philip Cuneo, Faculty, Department of Science

    The Choices Club meets once per week and members develop creative ways to disseminate Choices Program information to the wider student community.

    Sponsor Contact: Thomson Ivers, Staff, Choices Counselor

    The STH Drama Club is a group like no other on campus. Comprised of students from St. Thomas, St. Agnes, Duchesne, and Incarnate Word, the 70+ students performs two major shows every year. The students, parents, alumni, little brothers, little sisters, and faculty all work together to produce these magnificent shows. No experience is necessary!

    Sponsor Contact: Dan Green, Faculty, Faculty, Department of English and Department of Fine Arts

    The Dungeons and Dragons Club celebrates the classic fantasy game and helps promote leadership skills, critical thinking, decision-making, and the opportunity to socialize with other D&D players. Join in anytime, and don’t forget to bring your imagination.

    Sponsor Contact: Danny Baker, Faculty, Department of Social Studies

    Eagles for Life promotes a respect for life in all of its stages: from womb to tomb. We have a fall presentation to all of the Theology classes along with several prayer rallies and service projects.

    Sponsor Contact: Casey Johnson, Faculty, Department of Theology

    The goal of the Environmental Club is to improve the environmental condition of the Houston area, and decrease the carbon footprint of STH, while simultaneously learning about and gaining a better appreciation for the environment and wildlife.

    Sponsor Contact: Lauren McFetridge, Faculty, Department of English

    To access the Environmental Club Fall Fair video, click here.

    The E-sports Club allows students to sign up, and play together in The Esports League that offers weekly competition in various online video games. Students play all games at home in their free time, and meetings at school are only held to discuss strategy amongst the teams.

    Sponsor Contact: David Maner, Faculty, Department of Social Studies

    For the die-hard Foosball fan, this club proudly stands. Any level of player is welcome.

    Sponsor Contact: Dr. Aaron Dominguez, Staff, Prinicipal

    Model UN is a simulated United Nations conference in which students will role-play as country representatives and debate significant international issues. Preparation involves meeting twice a month in the fall and weekly in January in preparation for the two-day conference in early February.

    Sponsor Contact: Darrell Yarbrough, Faculty, Department of English


    The St. Thomas Chapter of the National Honor Society strives to combine the mission of the school – upholding goodness, discipline, and knowledge –  with that of the National Honor Society. We are an organization that recognizes and encourages superior academic achievement, while developing other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. In the St. Thomas Chapter of NHS, we prepare future leaders for global citizenship through each member’s commitment to excellence in learning, leadership development, school and community service, and the highest standards of personal character. Being a member of the St. Thomas Chapter of the National Honor Society is an honor and a privilege.

    NHS By-laws

    Sponsor Contact: Dr. Claire Conboy, Faculty, Department of Science

    The purpose of the Ping-Pong Club is to further the enjoyment and social development intrinsic to the sport. Students who would like to join are always welcome; we practice often at the Student Activities Center on campus.

    Sponsor Contact: Joe O’Brien, Faculty, Department of Theology, Director of Student Activities

    Highly competitive, team-based, academic competitions via trivia tournaments.


    Students build robots in the VEX robotics system and complete locally with other schools. This is both a mechanical engineering and programming challenge. Competitions are held at the state, national and international level.

    The Robotics Club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Sponsor Contact: Nell Warnes, Faculty, Department of Technology

    To access the Robotics Fall Fair video, click here.

    Students design, build and launch model rockets in the annual TARC (Team America Rocketry Challenge) competition.

    The Rocketry Club meets yearlong on Wednesdays after school and on selected Saturdays in the Spring semester to launch at Johnson Space Center.

    Sponsor Contact: Dr. Pete Nordloh, Faculty, Department of Science

    Senior Leaders are a select group of seniors who are commissioned to assist Campus Ministry with student retreats, student liturgies, and various ministry offerings at STH.  Senior Leaders give Witness Talks and facilitate small group discussions on student retreats, while also serving as liturgical ministers at the student level. Senior Leaders are invited to an exclusive leadership camp during the summer prior to their Senior year.

    Sponsor Contact: Andrew Quittenton, Dean of Theology, Director of Campus Ministry

    The Spanish Club at STH promotes the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world through a variety of fun and educational co-curricular activities and service opportunities. By joining, students can look forward to practicing spoken Spanish, socializing, and learning about the richness and diversity of Hispanic cultures.

    Sponsor Contact: Dustin Lyles, Faculty, Department of Languages

    To access the Spanish Club Fall Fair video, click here.

    The Speech and Debate Club is a fun way to develop communication skills and make new friends. This group competes in speech tournaments around Houston and across the nation.

    Meetings are held on Mondays and Thursdays after school, except Thursday faculty meeting days.

    Sponsor Contacts: Darrell Yarbrough, Faculty, Department of English &  Lauren McFetridge, Faculty, Department of English

    The LEGO club will allow students to design new models and compete with one another in a format similar to the TV series ‘LEGO Master’.  It is intended to be a fun opportunity to hang out with friends who share a love of all things LEGO.

    Sponsor Contact: Dr. Pete Nordloh, Faculty, Department of Science

    The purpose of the Student Council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and serving as a liaison between the student body and the Administration.  It is the group where students can assume as much of the responsibility of organizing their activities as they are able, and where questions arising from the students can be presented.  It derives its power from the Administration, and its prime objective is to promote school spirit, pride and unity.

    Sponsor Contact: Joe O’Brien, Faculty, Department of Theology, Director of Student Activities

    Get involved in the voice of STH by joining in on completely student-run media: The Eagle Newspaper and website, Aquin Yearbook and website, and the Eagle Broadcast Network. Whether it’s writing, layout, photography, graphic design or social media, there are a variety of fields you can specialize in and learn more about journalism and communications. Learn what it takes to put together nationally-award-winning media and build your skill set to be successful in college media and communications internships. Participate in live event coverage on social media or be an anchor on the daily morning news. Anyone is eligible to join.

    Sponsor Contact: Lance Dundee, Faculty, Department of Technology

    The Tabletop Gaming Club is made up of students who enjoy board games that range from old standards such as Monopoly and Risk to more modern games like Ultimate Werewolf or the Century series.

    Sponsor Contact: Dr. Pete Nordloh, Faculty, Department of Science

    The Ultimate Frisbee team is an intramural program in which students learn to play Ultimate Frisbee competitively from other students. We play against other local schools throughout the year as well as compete in a state tournament in May.

    Practice is on Fridays after school from 3:15pm – 4:30pm.

    Sponsor Contact: Nathan Labus, Faculty, Department of Athletics; Team Captain: Richard (Daniel) Gerlach, ’21   (and if possible, hyperlink his email to his name