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At St. Thomas traditions are valued like the character of the men who emerge from the halls of 4500 Memorial Dr. We honor them, tell stories of the past we remember and endeavor to ensure that those traditions continue for generations to come.

Whether you would like to give a gift to honor a dear friend or someone you admired, or offer a monetary gift in memory of loved one at their passing, at St. Thomas we know these types of gifts are not just about the moment of giving, but about the memories of a lifetime.

In Memory of Our Alumni

During November the Church remembers its deceased members in a special way. In St. Thomas tradition, we will offer prayers for our deceased alumni throughout our Masses in the month of November and their names will be entered into the Book of Remembrance located in the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel. Deceased alumni from the past year will be remembered by name during the Father-Son mass. Listed below are our Eagle brothers who have passed away in the past year. If we are missing an alumnus who has passed in the last year please here to make a submission.

John L. McConn ‘41
January 6, 2019

Thomas H. Bass ‘44
March 03, 2019

John L. DeLisle ‘44
July 11, 2019

Gus H. Freitag ‘44
March 21, 2019

Ronald M. Balsam ‘45
June 1, 2019

Edward Arthur Lamb JR ‘45
June 5, 2019

Merlin A. Castille ‘48
February 04, 2019

Paschal J. Aucoin ‘50
January 14, 2019

Anthony F. D’Armata ‘53
December 21, 2018

Donald M. Carlton ‘54
August 08, 2019

Jan N. Ogletree ‘55
June 04, 2019

William O. McCurdy ‘56
April 27, 2019

James R. Greenwood ‘56
April 17, 2019

Vito A. Schlabra ‘56
November 27, 2018

Frank T. Mazzola ‘57
November 30, 2018

Richard Neuville Jordan ‘57
August 26, 2017

Vincent E. Smith ‘57
December 12, 2018

Thomas J. Linbeck ‘58
March 04, 2019

William Frank Steen ‘58
May 29, 2016

Michael M. Montz ‘60
December 29, 2018

Charles E. Bates ‘61
December 27, 2018

Andrew G. Shebay ‘63
February 11, 2019

Bernard W. Vogelsang ‘63
April 13, 2019

Roger T. Yokubaitis ‘63
November 13, 2019

Joseph F. Sciortino ‘65
May 17, 2019

Richard J. Snyder ‘65
November 09, 2018

Michael J. Young ‘66
July 11, 2019

Thomas A. Vetrano ‘66
June 30, 2019

Frederic W. Wey ‘67
November 01, 2018

Frederic A. Contreras ‘68
December 29, 2018

John Coffee Harris III ‘68
August 21, 2018

Raymond Jules Keller ‘70
November 21, 2014

Richard H. Patronella ‘70
September 12, 2019

Timothy M. Shannon ‘70
January 27, 2019

Michael J. Lazzaro ‘73
January 06, 2019

William F. Pohl ‘79
December 14, 2018

Michael G. Kelly ‘80
January 14, 2019

Alfred A. Rasmussen ‘89
December 02, 2018

Eric C. Waligura ‘95
January 01, 2019

Christopher C. Krueger ‘01
December 04, 2018

Thomas J. Harbour ‘10
November 05, 2018

James A. Tatem ‘19
December 24, 2018

In Memoriam Submission Form

To all friends & family of our beloved St. Thomas Alumni, we send our deepest condolences to the loss of your loved ones. May your strength prevail to help you through this difficult time. We are sharing in your sorrow with love, friendship, and support. Please share with us if your brother of STH has passed away within the last year by submitting this form below.

First Name*

Last Name*

Date of Passing*

Spouse's First Name (if applicable)

Spouse's Last Name (if applicable)

Year Graduated from St. Thomas High School*

Provide any other additional info (i.e. profession, STH involvement, etc.)

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Memorial Gifts

Your gift to memorialize a loved one will be acknowledged in the next publication of the St. Thomas High School Community Magazine, the Eagles’ Nest. We will also notify the appropriate family members of this gift.

Memorial Gift Online Donations