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Student Life

Student life at St. Thomas High School is filled with activity and tradition. The young men of St. Thomas are first and foremost students navigating a challenging curriculum that prepares them for college and 21st century careers. They are also enriched by a great many activities that contribute to their education and shape their character.

Athletics, clubs and service opportunities bind them together through shared experiences that foster friendships, leadership, creativity and spiritual growth. Our students embrace the rituals that have been part of St. Thomas for generations and after four short years, go forward to join the lifelong brotherhood of St. Thomas alumni.

Click here in order to see your summer reading assignments. Follow the links in the document for your full assignment packets for each class.
The Choices Program is a high-risk behavior prevention AND treatment program that is run in conjunction with The Council on Recovery. The mission of the Choices Program is to prevent, reduce and treat high-risk behavior through a comprehensive education and counseling program involving all members of the school community including students, parents and faculty. Each year students take an anonymous survey regarding current prevalence rates of student high-risk behavior. Choices utilizes this data to create prevention programming and treatment specifically tailored to the needs of the STH community. Education focuses on the effects of high-risk behavior on the developing adolescent brain and increasing the use of executive functioning skills. Contact Patrick Hagler at 713-864-6348 x 254. Communication is confidential.
The cafeteria is open before school beginning at 6:30 a.m. for breakfast, studying or just gathering. Breakfast, hot lunches and a variety of other items are available from Sage Dining Services. Please click on each link below to learn more about Sage Dining at St. Thomas.

2019-2020 Book Lists & Required Summer Reading

Purchasing Books

Online Virtual Bookstore – MBS Direct
All required digital and print textbooks are sold through our online Virtual Bookstore, operated by MBS Direct. We use a "Shop by Schedule" system which will use your course schedule to select books for you. Instructions for purchasing your books online using Shop by Schedule will be posted here prior to the opening of the Virtual Bookstore in July. All sales will be handled through MBSDirect. Books for summer reading will be available on the Virtual Bookstore in June. The online Virtual Bookstore will be open in July to sell books for the 2019-2020 school year. The MBSDirect customer service phone number is 800-325-3252.

Many of our textbooks are eBooks for use on the Windows tablets which will not need to be purchased before the beginning of school or before you have received your school issued tablet. These books will mostly be purchased through our online Virtual Bookstore, however some content will be made available through the teachers of specific courses or through other channels. You will receive instructions from STH for how to access your eBooks.

Outside Sources
If you choose to purchase books from another source other than our official online Virtual Bookstore, you must match the ISBN# to ensure that you have the correct editions which can be found on the Grade Level Book Lists above. Please note that all workbooks, some novels and selected texts must be purchased new. Other books may be purchased used. Digital books (ebooks) and Digital/Print Combos must be purchased through our online Virtual Bookstore in order to ensure the correct edition, unless otherwise noted.

Selling Your Books through MBS Direct
Go to the MSB Direct online Virtual Bookstore, log in to your account, and select the “Menu” button at the top, then select "Sell Your Textbooks". Then go through the process to print out a buyback quote and a prepaid shipping label. Then mail the books to MBS Direct using the instructions provided. After processing, you will receive a check in about two to three weeks. Please note the full Terms and Conditions for buyback here. MBS Direct will only buy back textbooks in good condition.

If you have any questions regarding textbook issues, please send an email to Joshua Wilson, at
Parking Permits
All students that park at St. Thomas High School are required to purchase and display a parking permit. This permit is valid only during the school year it is purchased. Parking permits may be purchased online in our Eagle Store beginning August 1st. Additionally they may be purchased in the Business Office in person. Parking permits may not be purchased over the phone. A completed Vehicle Registration Form will be needed to pick up the parking permit. All instructions are on the top of the form. Parking and Driving on Campus Guidelines
Students need to display their parking permit on the rear-view mirror at all times. Student parking is located only in our parking garage. Vehicles on campus should be properly parked and locked when not in use. The school is not responsible for damage or theft of the vehicles parked nor for the property in them. Levels two and three of the garage are for seniors only. Since it is possible to have more seniors than spaces on these two levels this will be on a first come first serve basis each day. All other students will park on levels four and five. All information and regulations regarding student parking and driving on campus begin on page 18 of the Student-Parent Handbook.
College acceptance rate for STH class of 2016
STH students scored 3 or higher on AP exams
Community service hours performed by STH students this school year
State titles in various sports won by STH in 117 years