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Camp Aquinas

St. Thomas High School has created an immersive outdoor leadership camp for all incoming freshmen that will take place during the first week of school, August 13 – 17, 2018 at Camp Cho-Yeh near Livingston, Texas.

Camp Aquinas seeks to forge the young men of St. Thomas into servant-leaders through a comprehensive curriculum based both in authentic mentorship and the power of the experience of nature.

This very special camp experience supports the Basilian tradition to teach Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge and of the school’s vision to form strong Catholic young men in service to the Church and the world.

The goal of this week-long camp is to challenge the freshman with experiences in the great outdoors and fun, competitive activities to build character, confidence and friendships, along with developing virtue and a deeper understanding of self. Some of the objectives of this experience:
  • Initiate the freshmen class into the tradition and culture of St. Thomas High School.
  • Create mentorship bonds between the freshmen and the upperclassmen, especially the seniors.
  • Train freshmen in the skills necessary to be successful at St. Thomas.
  • Help students develop their relationship with God through morning Mass, campfire Scripture readings/discussions and time for contemplation and reflection in prayer.
  • Present the freshman with many unique leadership and collaboration opportunities.
Studies have shown that time spent in nature (there will be no personal electronic devices allowed) leads to increased creativity, reduced stress and an enhanced ability to focus and be attentive in the classroom resulting in:
  • Improved grades and behavior.
  • Strong relationships with peers and teachers.
  • Enhanced communication and critical thinking skills.
  • Mature decision making and leadership capabilities.
At St. Thomas, we believe in guiding young men to realize their potential and the heroic possibilities that God has for their lives. To this end, we want to help our students to see and discover themselves and the world as they truly are. By taking our students away from their familiar, comfortable, technology-filled, urban, environment into nature, a place of uncertainty, mystery and wonder. This kind of learning will stick with students until the end of their days. Indeed, without a significant experience of nature, such learning might not be possible otherwise.
  • Fire and shelter building
  • Orienteering
  • Archery
  • Paintball
  • Mud course
  • Talent show
  • Brain challenges
  • High and low ropes
  • Rock climbing
  • Outdoor academic discourse
  • Lake activities