Round-Up 2018

Sunday, March 4th  •  Noon until 6 pm  •  St. Thomas High School  •  4500 Memorial Dr.

100% of the proceeds from Round-Up go toward financial assistance, helping make St. Thomas the special place it has been for over 117 years. The event consists of two parts: a raffle and a carnival. Prize drawings at 6 pm in the Reckling Gymnasium.

Total School Goal for Round-Up
Student Quota = 15 books @ $20.00 per book (4 tickets per book)

Holidays: (Quota sellers only)

Monday, March 5  –  Quota Sellers Holiday
Tuesday, February 20  –  Quota Sellers Bonus Day (1st & 2nd Quota)
Friday, April 6  –  School reaches: $250,000
Friday, April 13  –  School reaches: $300,000
Friday, April 20  –  School reaches: $350,000
Friday, April 29  –  School reaches: $450,000
Tuesday, March 6  –  School breaks record: $572,808

Kick-Off Assembly 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Raffle Prizes

Grand Prize 2018 Toyota Tacoma Truck
Second Prize Xbox One X
Third Prize Apple Watch, Series 3

Additional Incentives:

1st Quota  –  15 Books  –  T-Shirt
2nd Quota  –  30 Books  –  Wear T-Shirt in March
3rd Quota  –  45 Books  –  Lunch @ Cadillac Bar
4th Quota  –  60 Books  –  STH Gear
5th Quota  –  75 Books  –  Trip to Top Golf or D&B

To be eligible for drawings

Monday, January 26  –  2 Books
Thursday, February 1  –  5 Books
Friday, February 8  –  7 Books
Thursday, February 15  –  9 Books
Thursday, February 22  –  11 Books
Thursday, March 1  –  13 Books

Important notes on turning in tickets:

  • Please do not un-staple the books or separate the tickets from each book.
  • When making a sale, tear off the ticket (the part with the truck on it) from the stub (the part with the name and contact info written in) and give the ticket to the person who bought it. This is their receipt for the ticket purchased. The stub goes with the money on Turn In days.
  • Please do not turn in coins. Please make change in the Business Office if needed.
  • Please do not turn in tickets that you do not have money for and do not turn in money without tickets. The homeroom deputies will reject these tickets and return them to you.
  • Make sure your tickets are filled out completely and legibly with names, contact information and your name as the seller. Any ticket not filled out will be returned to you with the money and not counted as a sale.
  • Please do not turn in partially sold books. Keep selling the book until it is completely sold before turning it in.
  • Please order more quotas in the Business Office (students only).

Raffle Ticket Information

Each student is required to sell his quota of Round-Up raffle tickets which is worth $300. Many students seek to move much more than the minimum knowing that many of their classmates would be unable to participate in the rich and valued St. Thomas experience without financial aid.

One hundred percent of the monies generated through the Round-Up student raffle sales contribute to St. Thomas tuition assistance, a STH practice which dates to 1927.
Round-Up Family and Corporate Sponsorships Sponsor the booth of your choice in your family's name, your son's name, or your company's name. Please forward to businesses that you think might want to sponsor a booth.
  • Platinum Level: $2,500
  • Diamond Level: $1,000
  • Gold Level: $500
  • Silver Level: $250
  • Bronze Level: $100
Purchase sponsorships through the Eagle Store or contact Caroline Hassell.

Click here to download the sponsorship form.