Hall of Honor

The St. Thomas High School Hall of Honor was founded in 1975 by a group of dedicated alumni who believed that special recognition should be given to those alumni who best modeled the spirit of St. Thomas. Members are chosen who personify the Basilian motto, "Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge," as well as having achieved excellence in their professional lives. Whether it is in service to church, community, state, athletics, education, science, military or family, all Hall of Honor members are recognized by their peers as having achieved an exceptional level of success to which all current students and alumni can aspire. Their lives are founded in the Catholic Christian tradition and exemplify what the Basilians strive to achieve with every student.

Election to the St. Thomas High School Hall of Honor is the most prestigious honor awarded to our alumnus.

Hall of Honor Members

Rev. Carl Mitchell Allnoch, C.S.B., 1927
The Honorable William Reynolds Archer, Jr., 1945
Charles W. Aydam, M.D., 1906
The Honorable Thomas H. Bass, 1944
Milton Bearden, 1958
William A. Bernrieder, 1916
Rev. Patrick Braden, C.S.B., 1941
John Bradshaw, 1952
John J. Burke, Jr., 1940
The Honorable George E. Cire, 1940
Rev. Donald T. Cooper, C.S.B., 1940
James B. Earthman, 1922
James E. Fischer, 1939
Robert Fowler, 1950
Lupe Z. Fraga, 1953
Rev. Monsignor Anton J. Frank, 1926
The Honorable W. St. John Garwood, 1908
Ronald. V. Glauser, D.D.S., 1954
William H. Goetzmann, Ph. D., 1948
L. Patrick Gray III , 1932
The Honorable William M. Hatten, 1931
Richard Huckaby, 1954
Joseph D. Jamail, Jr., 1942
Joseph C. Johnson, 1937
D. Robert H. Kelly, 1900
Frank R. Kendall, 1937
Leo E. Linbeck, Jr., 1952
David F. Marr, 1950
Most Rev. John E. McCarthy, D.D., 1949
The Honorable James J. McConn, 1944
John L. McConn, Jr., 1941
Robert G. McConn, Sr., M.D., 1942
Thomas P. McConn, 1951
David H. McNerney, 1949
Rev. Thomas P. O'Rourke, C.S.B.
Thomas R. Reckling, III, 1950
Carl Reichardt, 1949
Most Rev. Vincent M. Rizzotto, D.D., J.C.L., 1949
Richard S. Ruiz, M.D., 1951
John Sage, 1966
Richard T. Schill, 1937
The Honorable George W. Strake, Jr., 1953
Steve Bilao Tyrell, 1963
William J. Welu, 1950
Rev. William H. Woods, Jr., M.M., 1949
Rev. Joseph Rick, C.S.C., 1917
Neil Hanson 1949
Michael Cemo 1963
Ernest Cronin M.D., 1964 
Lloyd Webre, 1931
John Finch, 1945
Ernest Braren, 1957
Charles Kitowski, 1994

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