How to Apply

To ensure that an applicant is able to handle St. Thomas' challenging college preparatory curriculum, selective admissions decisions are based on:

  • Compatibility with the St. Thomas Community, including priority of choice in selecting STH
  • Results of the High School Placement Test
  • Overall junior high record (academic, behavioral and attendance)
  • Recommendations of junior high principal and teachers
  • Quality of application (essay, involvement in school activities)
Online Application & Fee

Click here to access the Online Admission Application

The deadline for the online application (just the application, not the supplemental material) is January 15, 2015. However, we request students and their parents complete the application as early as they are able. While parents may complete the first few pages of the application, the student applicant must complete the final page which includes the essay and activities. The $75 application fee may also be paid online, by mail or by visiting St. Thomas. We must receive the application and fee by the deadline in order to review a candidate for admission.

Transcripts & Recommendations

Download a copy of the following forms and submit them to your school after December 1. Please do not request transcripts until after the fall semester has ended.   We must receive these completed documents directly from your son's current school by the January 15 deadline, or if your school ends its fall semester in January, then within one week after the semester has ended. We must receive these completed documents directly from your son's current school by the January 15 deadline.

High School Placement Test

Take the High School Placement Test on Saturday, January 31, 2015.  We request that students whose first choice high school is St. Thomas take the entrance test at St. Thomas. To pre-register for the exam, click on the link below and complete the online registration form.  The pre-registration deadline is Tuesday, January 27, 2015. The $50 testing fee (this is a separate cost from the application fee) must be paid for the pre-registration to be complete. This fee may be paid by credit card after completing the pre-registration form at the link below.

EASE YOUR MIND…About the HSPT and other St. Thomas High School Admissions questions:

Dr. Teresa Shaffer will lead a lively presentation addressing parents’ concerns on how to help prepare their future Eagles for the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The director of the STHS Learning Center will provide practical strategies and insightful advice to alleviate unnecessary concerns and stresses.

Dr. Shaffer will also explain how STHS handles appeals for additional testing time and other accommodations for the HSPT.

In addition, the Admissions team will be on hand to answer any questions concerning the application process and explain how the admissions committee evaluates the HSPT results.

Please join us on Thursday, January 8, 2015. Registration begins at 6:00 PM in the Hall of Honor, Cemo Auditorium. Presentation begins at 6:30 PM in the adjacent Turner Hall. You may RSVP with Claudia Walker at 713-864-6348, ex 100 or

Transfer Students

The application process for transfers is similar to that for freshmen with a few exceptions. The first is that an applicant may substitute the PSAT for the HSPT. The second is that all applicants for 10th, 11th and 12th grade are personally interviewed when their application file is complete. Although the timeline for transfer students' applications does not follow the same deadlines as those for freshmen, we strongly recommend that transfer applicants complete their files as soon as is feasible. Available spaces in 10th, 11th and 12th grade classes are usually filled by the beginning of May.

Applicants for 10th grade who have not taken the HSPT must do so. Applicants for 11th and 12th grades must submit their 10th and 11th grade PSAT and SAT results.

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