Welcome future Eagles!

As an all-male, college preparatory high school, we are able to develop our curriculum and create an environment tailored to the needs and interests of our students. As a man of St. Thomas, you will be able to explore and experience pathways of academics, athletics and activities to discover your future. Your unique, personal journey here will be supported by outstanding faculty, staff, administration and counselors.

The Admissions department is here to help you navigate the journey to become a St. Thomas Eagle. Our caring staff is happy to answer your questions, explain the admission process and address any concerns you may have.

Get to Know Us

We are excited that you have chosen St. Thomas for your high school career. We look forward to getting to know you and there are many ways you can get to know us!

  • Join us September 16, 2016 at Rooftop Rally and November 6, 2016 at Open House where you can meet our administration, staff, faculty and coaches and share with other students and families on this high school admissions journey.
  • Schedule a personalized Eagle Family Visit where we tour the campus and introduce you to faculty and coaches in your areas of interest.
  • Schedule an Eagle Experience Shadow Visit where you visit classes and have lunch with current Eagle brothers.
  • Get on our Eagle Connection mailing list to get all the latest news and so we can send you an Eagle Pass for free admission to games, theater productions and more.

Ready to apply?

Our selective admissions decisions are based on:

  • Compatibility with the St. Thomas Community and a sincere desire to be an Eagle brother
  • Overall junior high record (academic, behavioral and attendance)
  • Recommendations from junior high principal or counselors and teachers
  • Quality of application (essay, involvement in school activities)
Information about applying for fall 2017 and mid-semester admission to St. Thomas will be available here soon.


Are you looking to transfer to St. Thomas with existing high school credits? Students transferring as a mid-year Freshman or as a Sophomore, Junior or Senior are welcomed at St. Thomas by all – students, faculty and staff. We recognize the unique challenges faced by transfer students and have staff and counselors dedicated to make sure the transition for each new Eagle transfer goes as smoothly and successfully as possible. Our first priority for students transferring to St. Thomas is that you have completed the credits at your prior school(s) that are needed to meet our graduation requirements.

Transfer student application information will be available here soon.

Admissions Contact Info

Taffy Daussin, Director of Admissions
Taffy.Daussin@sths.org | 713-864-6348 Ext. 175

Max Holmes, Assistant Director of Admissions
Maxwell.Holmes@sths.org | 713-864-6348 Ext. 337

Claudia Walker, Admissisons Coordinator
Claudia.Walker@sths.org | 713-864-6348 Ext. 100

Sarah Garza, Admissions Outreach Coordinator
Sarah.Garza@sths.org | 713-864-6348 Ext. 323

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