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For more than a half century, the St. Thomas Mothers’ Club has served as a vibrant and invaluable volunteer support group, assisting in more than 30 events throughout the academic year, including the annual Auction & Gala, our signature fundraiser Round-Up and culminating with the annual Style Show & Luncheon.

This organization has a rich history of collaborating with school administrators to facilitate many of the social and cultural activities that make St. Thomas special and impact the overall success of the school.

Eagle mothers are encouraged to attend the Mothers’ Club general meetings to learn about the many ways they can volunteer to support St. Thomas. For every mom there is a fun and useful role that matches her interests and talents. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Dear St. Thomas Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year and to our St. Thomas Mothers’ Club! The Mothers’ Club is both a service and social organization. Our role is to support the St. Thomas administration and encourage a strong parent community. We do this by overseeing many of the special events at the school and hosting monthly general meetings where valuable information is shared.

Whether you are the parent of a senior or just joining the St. Thomas family as the guardian of a freshman, I invite you to take an active role in our organization.  All mothers and female guardians of St. Thomas students automatically belong. Our Mothers’ Club supports over 20 events during the year, including the Welcome Tea, the Annual Auction & Gala, Round-Up, and the Style Show. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved with time commitments ranging from a little to a lot. Regardless of the level of involvement, we all share the common goal of supporting our sons on their journey to become true Men of St. Thomas.

Plan to attend our general meetings and get to know the St. Thomas administration and fellow STH mothers. The meetings are informative and provide an opportunity to connect with both moms whose sons are new to the school and those who have a few years of experience to share. Every meeting will include reports from the school administration and various departments, as well as an opportunity to hear updates about the many events that the Mothers’ Club sponsors. Most meetings take place on Wednesdays and start at 11AM with a mass in the school chapel. The mass is available for both students and parents, so take the opportunity to meet your son in the chapel! Immediately following mass, our group will move to a larger meeting space in St. Basil’s Hall where we will enjoy lunch while learning about both school and Mothers’ Club current events and activities.

The Mothers’ Club introduced the theme “Embrace the Little Things” for the 2020-2021 school year.  The Mothers’ Club is made up of a lot of people doing a lot of “Little Things” all with great love. That’s what we do!  These high school years go by too quickly!  Take time to “Embrace the Little Things” along the way.

I am Holly Schlosser and it is my privilege to serve as the Mothers’ Club President for the 2020-2021 school year.  My son, Aaron, is a senior this year and will soon join his two older brothers, Alexander ’17 and Andrew ’18, as a member of the lifelong brotherhood enjoyed only by St. Thomas Alumni.  The Mothers’ Club has allowed me to be a part of all of my sons’ high school journeys by not only enriching their experiences but mine, too.  I invite you to peruse the website and see how you can get involved.  All are welcome!  The connections you make with fellow STH families through your involvement will be connections for a lifetime.  It is the little things that sure mean a lot!

EMBRACE the Little Things!

Holly Schlosser

2020-2021 St. Thomas Mothers’ Club President 

Welcome Parents!

We are happy to see your interest in volunteering for our STH community. Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, we have different activities in which you can participate in. We need YOU! For a full list of event & dates, click here for all volunteer opportunities. Please continue to check back for more details.

STH 2020-2021 Executive Board 

Holly Schlosser

Mary Yokubaitis

Lizette Rumohr

Gwen McKeehan

Alicia De Alva

Meryl Gregory

Catherine Chandler

Julie Perry

Christine Cummins

Catherine Rentz

Amber Caver

Jodi Diamond

Barbara Villafranca

Meryl Gregory

Gwen McKeehan

*Indicates Mother’s Club Board

STH MC 2020-2021 Calendar

September 8 – General Meeting

October 13 – General Meeting

November 10 – General Meeting

December 8 – Mothers’ Club Christmas Luncheon

January 12 – General Meeting

February 9 – General Meeting

March 9 – General Meeting

April 13 – General Meeting

May 14 – Mothers’ Club Spring Luncheon

Mother’s Club Meeting Minutes:

STH Mothers’ Club


Jenny Hanks                                                                


Christy Villareal                                                          


Faculty Chair—Joe O’Brien                                       

Mary Yokubaitis                                                          


Mary Yokubaitis                                                          


Anita Bryant                                                                


School Staff – Daniella Pierce                                  

Stephanie Yankowsky                                               

Pilar Lopez                                                                   


Paula Marsh                                                                

Dawn Griffiths                                                            


Lizzette Rumohr                                                        


Christine Cummins                                                    

Mary Grace Carter                                                      


Candice Croker                                                            

Emily Guyre                                                                 

Stephanie Yankowsky                                                


Raquel Miller                                                               


Faculty Chair (Choir) – Josh Wilson                       

Faculty Chair (Band) – Donald Thoede                  

Renee Lauckner                                                            


Annette Voltz                                                                  


Donna Hotze                                                                   

Stacie Sudkamp – Facebook Mom                              


Shana Jones                                                                     

Candice Crocker – Facebook Mom                              


Angela Platsas                                                                  

Jen Sudduth  – Facebook Mom                                   


Melina Bellomo                                                               

Beth Lousteau – Facebook Mom                                 


Heather Curran Kelly                                                      


Faculty Chair – Darrell Yarbrough                              

Anita Bryant                                                                     


Shawn Savarino                                                                




Gwen McKeehan – Co-Chair                                                    
Holly Schlosser – Co-Chair                                                      

Lizette Rumohr – Chair | 832-790-3566                               

September 23, 2020
Dana Cahill – Chair                                                                   

Meryl Gregory – Chair                                                              

Monday, November 2, 2020   
Felicia Sutton – Co-Chair                                                       

Dawn Weber – Co-Chair                                                         

Saturday, November 7, 2020 | 7:30 pm
Christine Cummings – Co- Chair                                                 

Julie Perry – Chair                                                                    

Catherine Rentz – Chair                                                          
November 2020
Meryl Gregory – Chair                                                              

Tuesday, December 8, 2020                                                                                                                                    
Felicia Sutton – Co-Chair                                                           

Dawn Weber – Co-Chair                                                            

Tuesday, December 8, 2020   (11:00 am)

Angie Clinton – Chair                                                                  


Maria Onufrow – Co-Chair                                                        

Rebecca Jones – Co-Chair                                                          

Sunday, March 7, 2021   (12pm )
Amber Caver – Co-Chair                                                            

Jodi Diamond – Co-Chair                                                          

Barbara Villafranca – Co-Chair                                                 


Socorro Moreno-Garza – Co-Chair                                            

Eileen Kelley – Co-Chair                                                             

Judy Koch – Co-Chair                                                                  


Colleen Tautfest – Chair                                                             

Friday, April 30, 2021   (10:30am @ River Oaks Country Club)
Meryl Gregory – Co-Chair                                                     

Gwen McKeehan – Co-Chair                                                 

MENTOR MOMS’ SOCIAL (for new moms)

Candice Croker – Co-Chair                                                        

Emily Guyre – Co-Chair                                                             

Stephanie Yankowsky – Co-Chair                                           

Marie Riordan – Chair                                                                

Friday, May 21, 2021  (6:30pm)
Brenda Boeckman – Chair                                                         

Gail Calkins – Staff Chair                                                             

Executive Board & Big 3


Paola Ballesca – Chair                                                                

  1. What is Homecoming (also called “HOCO” by the students)?
    Homecoming means celebration. It is a weekend with two events- a football game on a Friday evening and a dance on Saturday night. Both held at STH. Homecoming is a “BIG DEAL” in Texas! It is the Fall event that the students look forward to attending every year. There is excitement in the air and nothing but talk about the event. Most 9-12th grade students attend. This is the only date dance at STH that your son as a Freshman will attend this year. (The sister schools have winter formals in January-February where the females invite the male students.)
  2. What is the date, time & location of both the game & dance?
    The dates and times are posted in the BIG RED NEWS, Mother’s Club Newsletter or in the athletic calendar on the STH website. The football game is held at our stadium on campus and the dance is held in CEMO auditorium with a dessert/candy bar in Mary Moody Hall and outdoor seating in the courtyard. *Make sure your son and his date brings their student ID’s to enter both the football game and the dance.
  3. What does “lock-in” mean for a dance?
    Thirty minutes after the dance begins, students are not allowed to leave or enter the dance. We do not want people to wander the campus. “Lock -in” ends thirty minutes before the dance ends. The students are allowed to leave when lock-in ends.
  4. How does my son get a date?
    The students begin looking for dates for Homecoming at the very first home football game. They hangout underneath the bleachers at the stadium near the concession stand talking & introducing each other to girls. Even a shy student can get a date. You will be surprised! Football games at STH are a “Big” social scene not only for students but also for the parents. Come sit, watch a game and chat a bit. We love cheering our EAGLES to victory!
    *Along with the football games, St. Thomas also has an orientation dance for the boys to meet girls. Make sure your son also attends the orientation dances for our sister schools – IWA, St. Agnes and Duchesne to have other opportunities to find a date. Those dates & times are posted on their websites.
  5. Can a STH student ask a girl that does not attend a sister school?
    Yes, however, the girl can only attend if she is accompanied by a STH student. All male & female students need their school ID’s at all football games and dances.
  6. Can boys from other schools attend the Homecoming game & dance?
    Anyone is allowed to attend the football game. However, the dance is only for STH students, their dates and sister schools.
  7. Are there Homecoming invitations?
    No, we do not have invitations. Face to face communication is preferred. However, for some reason, this generation does not know how to socialize beyond their phone. Some students ask a girl in a text, there has been posters made, flowers given and even stuffed animals involved in the quest for a date. The students come up with something new every year.
  8. What is the deadline for finding a date to homecoming?
    There really isn’t a deadline. However, you have to consider that his date has to go shopping for a dress unless she already has one in her closet. Also, a “Mum” and a “Armband” needs to be purchased before the football game and tickets need to be purchased for the dance.
  9. What do students wear to both the game or dance?
    The game attire is like any other game-shorts, jeans etc. depending on the weather. However, the dance is semi-formal. Males wear suits or jacket with shirt, tie, and pants. Females wear dresses around their knees. Not too short. Please, refer to the dress code which is written in the STH Handbook online.
  10. What is a “Mum” and an “Armband”?
    A “Mum” is a chrysanthemum flower that has been decorated with little trinkets, glitter, little bears etc. and has ribbons hanging from it displaying the names of the STH student and his date. In the past, the flower was real. The flowers are now plastic. Your son gives the Mum to his date. The “Armband” is a smaller version of the mum which the male student wears on his arm. The female gives the armband to your son. Both students exchange Mum/Armband before the football game on Friday evening either on campus or somewhere else.
  11. Where can I buy a Mum/Armband (which is only used for the football game)? 
    *Every year the Music Guild at STHS makes and sells Mums and Armbands as a fundraiser for the school. Please, support STH by purchasing your Mum/Armband from them. NOTE: Mum/Armbands from STH are beautiful & less expensive.
  12. How much does a Mum/Armband cost at STH?
    The Music Guild will post the cost of the Mums and Armbands in either the BIG RED NEWS or in the Mother’s Club Newsletter and provide a link to The Eagle Store where you can purchase the Mum or Armband.
  13. What is the last day I can purchase a MUM or Armband?
    The last day to purchase a Mum/Armband is the Sunday night before Homecoming weekend unless the school says otherwise. If you miss that deadline, call the school or go down to the band room and speak to the Chair of the Homecoming Mums. She might have extras that you can purchase.
  14. If I buy a Mum from STHS, when & where does my son pick it up?
    The Music Guild will post in the BIG RED NEWS or in the Mother’s Club Newsletter times and dates when your son can pick up his Mum. He can also pick up the Armband for his date too if she cannot. Pick up for STH students is usually during the week before Homecoming weekend. Tuesday is for students with last names starting with A-L and Wednesday for students M-Z; Thursdays are for stragglers. *They are not open on Friday.
    Make sure your son gets his Mum before that day or he is out of luck! Pick up is in the band room. The line starts down the ramp closest to the glass doors that lead to the gym in Cemo hallway. The line is very long so don’t come early to pick up your son from school. It will take a while. After they verify that your son bought a mum, he is lead down into the band room where he can choose his mum from 300 mums made by the “Mum Moms”. FYI-We need volunteers to help the students with their shopping.
    *If you son has practice after school in any sport, he needs to go tell his coach first before he picks up his mum. The coaches know that they need to pick up their them up. They will work something out. Tell your son not to shove his Mum into his backpack. That will crush the Mum and the Mum will not be replaced.
    *Armbands are distributed & sold to the female students from the sister schools the week before at each of their schools.
  15. When & where does my son give his Mum to his date?
    You, your son, his date and her parents can work that out. Either on or off campus the Friday evening of the football game. A good option is to meet ahead of time on campus or at the football game so the students can exchange their Mum & Armband right there and you can take pictures. Invite the other parents to come sit with you at the game and get to know them. Remember, this is the first time for them too. We are friendly here at St. Thomas and we welcome our guests.
  16. Does the STH student and his date exchange corsage & boutonniere the night of the dance?
    You are not required, but that is what all the students do. A wristlet (corsage on your wrist) or a small bouquet of flowers is what is popular right now. Note: We do not give flowers to the mother of your son’s date.
  17. Where can I order a corsage or boutonniere?
    At any grocery store with a floral department or a florist.
  18. Does the dance have food & drinks?
    The dance only has a dessert/candy bar, a slushy machine, coffee and water for the students. It’s all FREE!!
  19. Do the students go to dinner before the game and dance?
    It is a challenge to go to dinner before a football game that starts at 7:00pm on a Friday. The concession stand at the stadium can solve that problem. They sell burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs etc. Your son could treat his date by buying her something from the concession stand if he wants. That is optional. The dance usually starts later in the evening on a Saturday so you can go to dinner before the dance if you like. Less stressful on your son if he can get a group together or join a group that is going out to eat. Make sure you book your restaurant two weeks in advance. They get booked quickly due to other schools having the same event. Many restaurants around STH  have Homecoming menus. Another great option is for parents to come together and provide a meal at someone’s house.
  20. Do I contact the parents of his date?
    Yes, please, contact the parents of his date to make sure his date told her parents and so that you can coordinate the weekend. Remember, this is their daughter and they don’t know your son or you.
  21. How much are the tickets to the dance?
    The price of the tickets will be posted in the Big Red News or the Mother’s Club Newsletter when it gets closer to the event. * Before you buy your ticket to the dance, make sure it was not already included in a package you pay for at the Walk-A-Thon that is held a few weeks before Homecoming. Look at the Big Red News in the coming months for more information on the Walk-A-Thon.
  22. When and where can my can my son purchase his ticket for he & his date?
    During the week before Homecoming, your son will purchase his tickets. Please, check the Big Red News or the Mother’s Club Newsletter for the announcement of when & where to go. They will also make an announcement to the students that week. * Couples & individual tickets are only sold during school. Sister school individual tickets are sold at the door.
  23. Can the students arrive to the dance in a limousine, shuttle or bus?
    No, they are not allowed. The students that show up in one of these vehicles will be asked to leave.
  24. Is there a photographer at the dance?
    Yes, a photographer or a photo booth will be at the dance.
  25. Is there a DJ or a band that plays at the dance?
    Yes, and he’s Awesome!.
  26. Where do the students put their jackets, coats or purses at the dance?
    There are 2 coat check areas for students to check-in their personal items-purses, high heel shoes and jackets, etc. They must check their items before they enter Cemo auditorium.
  27. What if my son doesn’t know how to dance?
    The students usually form a group and jump up and down. They watch each other and follow. Your son will be okay.
  28. What if my son doesn’t get a date for Homecoming?
    Please, don’t fret. When they post the ticket prices, they also include the individual ticket price. Inevitably there are a group of boys that are single and a group of single girls that have decided to attend. Tickets for the male students are not sold at the door. Females from sister schools can purchase individual tickets at the door. Please, make sure that all students including sister schools bring their student ID’s to the dance.
  29. How can I help my son with his 1st date experience?
    Remind your son that he is a Man of St. Thomas. A gentleman. He represents the school. Show him table etiquette. Remind him of his manners. Tell him to always open the door for the girl and pull out her chair for her to sit. Even if he decides that he does not like his date, be kind and respectful, ask if she wants something to drink and Do Not “Ditch” Your Date. Remind him that it is just a date so have fun and enjoy the night!
  30. How can I help with Homecoming?
    We need all the volunteers we can get. Please, jump in and help!
    *The Music Guild needs assistance with making the mums/armbands. You do not have to be a Music Guild parent to help. You do not have to be crafty. If you can use a glue gun, you are in! Everyone is welcomed!
    *The Dance Chair & Mr. O’Brien can use all the help they can get too to make this dance a success. Please, help by donating baked goods/candy the day before the dance, be one of the 10-15 volunteers that help set up the Saturday morning of the dance or be one of the 22 volunteers needed to work the dance. Of course, your son will say that he does not want you to be there. However, your son does not realize that there are so many students at the Homecoming dance. It is attended by Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior students multiplied by 2. Your son will not see you. You will be too busy working. Mostly Freshman parents have volunteered in the past to work this dance. It is a great opportunity to meet other Freshman parents and to see what a STH dance is like. We really need all hands-on deck so please consider volunteering!

Auction 101

Q:     What, When, & Where is the St. Thomas Auction?

A:     The Auction is a major fund-raiser for St. Thomas, helping to fill the gap between tuition and actual costs of educating our sons. This year’s Auction will be held virtually on Saturday November 7th (starting at 7:30 p.m.).

Q:     What’s the Format of the Auction?

A:    Starting two weeks before virtual auction, you can browse and bid on the many Silent Auction baskets and items via BidPal mobile bidding application, purchase Raffle tickets, “play” the Wine & Spirits Pull, and support the Teacher Wish List.  Also Big Board items will feature great vacations, dinners, special items, plus some special desserts to be delivered to your watch party event and/or your home. During our virtual auction, several amazing live items will be available. (Donation request for a special project on campus)

Q:     How do I Buy a Table or Tickets?

A:     A variety of Watch Party Levels and Sponsorships will be available (we call that Underwriting).  Buy a whole watch party or split a watch party with friends.  [If you split a watch party, each couple should purchase their share of the watch party via the Bid Pal or send a check to receive the tax-receipt.] All Underwriting received by mid-September will be recognized on the Invitation and/or catalog respectively. Individual ticket sales will be released mid-September. Thanks for roaring virtually with us!

Q:     How can I help make the Auction a Success?

A:     If you have something special to donate, contact one of the chairs listed below.  We’ve made it simple to support the Silent Auction by purchasing some pre-selected items from the Gift Registries.  Once purchased from your grade level’s registry, or any of the registries, the items will ship straight to the school! You’ll receive a tax-receipt from the school for your donation.  We are also in need of Airline Miles or AMEX gift cards (convert some of your points to help us!).  You can also solicit businesses you frequent; use this Donor Form.

Q:     What’s the Auction Raffle?

A:     A donor will be donating a fabulous item.  Only 100 Raffle tickets will be sold (at $100 each).  You do not have to be present to win.  Watch the Mothers’ Club eNews for when Raffle tickets will go on sale.

Q:     How can I support the Wine & Spirits Pull at the Auction?

A:     Details coming soon!

Q:     Can I still help the Auction Committee?

A:     Consider purchasing or splitting a watch party, purchasing off class registries, staging our silent auction item photos, and much more. Details TBA.

Click here to be directed to the Auction and Gala page.

2020 Auction Gala Chairs

Christine Cummins

Julie Perry

Catherine Rentz

Round-Up 101

Q:        What is St. Thomas High School Round-Up?

A:        Round-Up is one of the “Big 3” fundraising events held annually by the St. Thomas community.  One of the oldest traditions at St. Thomas, Round-Up is a “Community-wide” event run by current parents and Alumni.  Round-Up began in 1927 as the “St. Thomas Bazaar” and became an annual tradition in 1945. Over the years, the season and name may have changed, but not the desire to bring together friends and the entire St. Thomas community to celebrate what makes us special.  As a fundraiser, all proceeds go to the STH Scholarship Fund which in turn goes directly to the boys as STH provides financial assistance to approximately one third of our students!

Held every year on the first Sunday of March, this year’s Round-Up is scheduled, for Sunday March 7, 2021 (12pm-4pm).  Round Up will look different this year, like everything else this past year, but our Round Up Chairs are working to finalize all details.

Q:        What is a “Quota” and why is that all my son is talking about now?

A:        The Raffle component of Round-Up is how the largest portion of the scholarship money is raised, with each student responsible for selling at least a “quota” (15 books) of raffle tickets.  Collectively, the students are challenged to reach a particular goal of total ticket sales to earn incentives such as t-shirts, school outings, and school holidays!

Q:        How much do raffle tickets cost and what can be won?

A:        Raffle tickets sell for $5 each, or a book of tickets (4 tickets per book) sells for $20.  Kids are encouraged to sell tickets however they can – to family, friends, and neighbors, at your church, etc. – and the school provides opportunities for the students to sell tickets by volunteering for phone-a-thons to call alumni or by providing contact lists for alumni that live in your zip code.

Q:        How can I help make the Round-Up a Success?

A:        What remains is the same this year for Round Up is that we need YOUR help. Everyone has a role to play in making Round-Up a success.  There are all kinds of ways to help; little, big, you choose!  Learn all about the ways you can help at the first Round Up meeting –

Thursday, January 28 at 6:00p.m. via Zoom

Meeting ID:  354 875 5978

Passcode: ROUNDUP

Other Round Up Meetings: 

  • Meeting #2: Thursday, February 18, 6:00 p.m.
  • Meeting #3: Thursday, March 4, 6:00 p.m.

Q:        Who should I contact to get involved and where can I get more information about Round-Up?

A:        Any of the Round-Up Chairs would be happy to answer any questions or suggest ways to get involved!

For Round Up 2020 Please contact:

Stay tuned for more information to come! Click here for Round Up Home page.

St. Thomas Style Show & Luncheon

When:  Friday, April 30, 2021

Where: River Oaks Country Club

Who is invited?  All parents and friends of St. Thomas.  This includes all grades!

Who participates in Style Show & Rose Ceremony:  Senior boys and their moms.

What will volunteers do?  Decorations, reservations, check-in, Silent Auction & Mystery Bag Solicitations, assist mom and son models, and much more!

What is the Style Show?

The Style Show luncheon has been a STH tradition for 50 years.  The senior boys will showcase their interests whether leadership, sports, theatre, band, hobbies, etc.  The senior moms model the new Spring fashion styles from Dillard’s.  The senior boys and STH cheerleader biographies will be read as they strut down the runway stage.  Senior boys write endearing letters to their moms.  These are read on stage to their mom as he presents her with a red rose. The event wraps up with the boys taking one last walk together around the runway while grinning ear to ear & wearing a baseball cap from the university they plan to attend!


Style Show Chairs

Meryl Gregory                                                                                  Gwen McKeehan                                                 

Questions & additional info:  Catherine Chandler | 713.864.6348 x 154 or

4500 Memorial Drive Houston, Texas 77007



The name of this organization shall be the Mothers’ Club of St. Thomas High School.


The purpose of the Mothers’ Club is to provide a vehicle through which mothers or guardians of the students may be able to assist the Basilian Fathers and faculty in furthering the students’ spiritual, academic, cultural and athletic development. All activities of the Club must meet with the approval of its moderator who shall be appointed by President of the school.


The membership of the Club shall consist of mothers or guardians of boys who are registered for that school year in St. Thomas High School.


The Board shall consist of the Executive Board, the Immediate Past President, Chairpersons of Round-Up, Style Show and Auction, Staff Liaison, and the Club Moderator.
The Executive Board shall consist of five officers: President, Vice President, Communications Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.
Only the Executive Board has voting rights; three members of the Executive Board present and voting constitutes a quorum.
In the event one of the five officers is unable to complete her term as an officer, the Club Moderator shall call a special meeting. The Club Moderator, the Staff Liaison, and the Executive Board will appoint a person to fill the vacancy. This appointee will be announced at the next Mothers’ Club Meeting.


Section 1. Executive Board: The duty of the Executive Board members is to develop the Mothers’ Club Annual Budget, approve all expenditures, and establish and oversee committees to conduct the work of the Mothers’ Club.

Section 2. President: It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all the meetings and perform all other duties pertaining to the office, including but not limited to the following:

  • The President shall serve as the official representative of the Mothers’ Club.
  • The President shall serve on the Selection Committee.
  • The President shall appoint all committee chairpersons, with the assistance of the Vice President.
  • The chairpersons of Auction, Style Show and Round-Up, shall be appointed by the current school President in collaboration with the Mothers’ Club President, Staff Liaison, the Vice President of Advancement, the immediate Past President, and the current chairs. This process will be conducted at a time that would allow for the committees to begin their work in a timely fashion related to their event. The newly appointed chairpersons shall be responsible for appointing the chairpersons of their respective sub-committees.
  • The President may also appoint chairpersons from time to time to coordinate unscheduled events and/or newly established programs or functions.
  • Communicate with the Principal and Mothers’ Club Moderator on a regular or as needed basis regarding issues that impact or directly relate to the Mothers’ Club.

Section 3. Vice-President: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to preside in the absence of the President. The Vice President will assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties. The Vice President shall assist the President regarding committee chair appointments. The Vice President is responsible for updating, distributing and collecting the various event/committee binders and for maintaining a Master Binder containing pertinent information regarding every event chaired by the Mothers’ Club. The Master Binder will reside in the office of the Staff Liaison. The Vice President shall coordinate Christmas tree decorations around the school in conjunction with the Principal and the Maintenance staff. The Vice President is responsible for organizing a Maintenance Staff Appreciation Luncheon in the early spring. The Vice President shall review and maintain the Bylaws and shall confirm all special guest speakers for general meetings.

Section 4. Corresponding Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to conduct all general correspondence as directed by the President, including coordinating email blasts by the grade level parents. The Corresponding Secretary shall also be responsible for collecting, organizing and reporting news from the Mothers’ Club to the Director of Communication in the Office of Advancement. This is done every other week or on an “as needed basis” throughout the school calendar year. The Communications Secretary is responsible for writing all Thank You notes for special event and standing committee chairs, guest speakers and others on an as needed basis.

Section 5. Recording Secretary: It shall be the duty of Recording Secretary to keep true and accurate minutes of all monthly Mothers’ Club meetings, Board meetings and Executive Board Meetings. The Recording Secretary shall also be responsible for posting and updating Mothers’ Club documents to the Mothers’ Club website as approved by the President. If the school changes its schedule from the modified block schedule and the Mothers’ Club has its own private Mass prior to its meetings, the Recording Secretary will work with Campus Ministry to arrange the Mass and schedule volunteers to serve as Liturgical assistants. The Recording Secretary shall schedule meeting space with the school for all general meetings of the Mothers’ Club.

Section 6. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall act as the liaison with the school’s business office to assure proper stewardship of Mothers’ Club funds and approve all income and expenses associated with all Mothers’ Club events. The Treasurer is responsible for working with the President prior to the start of the school year to create a budget for all Mothers’ Club activities. She will relay that budget information to the Vice President and to all Special Event Chairpersons. She shall keep accurate copies of all receipts and disbursements. A Treasurer’s Report shall be received from the Business Office once a month and reported to the Executive Board at the monthly meeting.

Section 7. Past President: The immediate Past President shall be a member of the Board and the Facilitator of the Selection Committee. The immediate Past President shall serve as a general consultant and resource person to the Mothers’ Club.

Section 8. Auction Chairs: The Auction/Gala Chairs shall coordinate the annual event, usually held the first Saturday evening in November, with their duties including but not limited to the following:

  1. Choose a theme for the Auction/Gala with proper approval by the school President and Vice-President of Advancement, which will be incorporated into all aspects of the event, including printed and written materials and publications, centerpieces and other decorations. Auction/Gala chairs are responsible for ordering all printed materials for this event and for submitting all written information promoting the Auction/Gala in school publications.
  2. Plan and host kick off for Auction/Gala in the spring to generate enthusiasm and participation of the greater St. Thomas community.
  3. Assemble a committee to help with the Auction/Gala and hold regular meetings throughout the year.
  4. Work hand in hand with the Advancement Office to inform not only current parents but also alumni and previous donors of the Auction/Gala event and possible underwriting opportunities.
  5. Attend all Mothers’ Club meetings and events to promote the Auction/Gala and update the Mothers’ Club on status of the event.
  6. Solicit items, along with Live, Big Board and Silent Auction Chairmen, for auction and raffle. These items may be purchased using donated funds or solicited directly from donors. They may be raffled individually or combined as part of a gift basket. Chairs may also choose to sell grab bags including smaller items, or any other vehicle to raise money to benefit the St. Thomas Community.
  7. Plan, prepare, decorate, and host the Auction/Gala to benefit the overall St. Thomas Community.

Section 9. Round-Up Chairs: The Round-Up Chairs shall coordinate with the Vice President of Advancement to plan and execute the annual school festival called Round Up. Round Up is a time for the St. Thomas family to come together and celebrate the culmination of the raffle ticket sales that raise funds for tuition assistance and scholarships. Round Up is usually held on the first Sunday in March. The Chairs’ duties include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Recruit an executive board and assist in the recruitment of individual booth chairs to plan, organize, and execute Round Up.
  2. Coordinate logistical needs with the Vice President of Advancement.
  3. Coordinate with the Student Activities Director to choose a student designed t-shirt for Round-Up.
  4. Provide good financial stewardship of Round Up. Provide expense reducing and revenue increasing strategies while ensuring a fun, community building event. Solicitation of donations for all aspects of Round Up is encouraged so as to increase the funds raised for scholarships. This includes soliciting sponsorships for Round Up.
  5. Work with the Vice President of Advancement to publicize Round Up to students, parents, alumni, middle schools, parishes, and other STH donors.
  6. Coordinate all Round Up volunteers by planning and executing at least 3 planning meetings (with meals) and providing written materials needed to organize Round Up. These materials include checklists, instructions, supply lists, volunteer lists, and wrap up.
  7. Provide leadership to plan, organize, and execute three main areas at Round Up: Food and Beverage Booths (located in Cemo), Eagle’s Court (shopping and fun activities in the gym), and Carnival Games/Kids’ Games (located outside)
  8. Attend all Mothers’ Club meetings and events to promote Round-Up and update the Mothers’ Club board members and general members on the status of the event.

Section 10. Style Show Chairs: The Style Show Chairs shall coordinate the annual St. Thomas Style Show event each spring with their duties including but not limited to the following:

  1. Coordinate a fashion show featuring the senior men and their moms and/or guardians. Chairs may choose to work with consultants and/or local retail establishments and vendors to help secure clothing, makeup, and hair styling for the fashion show. This may include several meetings with the model moms to discuss expectations and choose appropriate clothing for the show.
  2. Choose a theme for the Style Show with proper approval by the school President and Vice President of Advancement, which will be incorporated into all aspects of the event, including printed and written materials, publications, centerpieces and other decorations. Style Show chairs are responsible for ordering all printed materials for this event and for submitting all written information promoting the Style Show in school publications.
  3. Plan and host kick off for Style Show to generate enthusiasm and participation of senior students.
  4. Secure a venue for this event which can accommodate up to 500+ persons for a seated lunch, has an area for check-in, a reception, silent auction, and has room for a runway, along with dressing areas for all models. Work closely with the venue representative to select food and drink menu, and to plan seating layout and other details for the event.
  5. Assemble a committee to help with the Style Show and hold regular meetings throughout the year.
  6. Attend all Mothers’ Club meetings and events to promote the Style Show.
  7. Solicit items, along with Silent Auction Chairmen, for silent auction and raffle. These items may be purchased using donated funds or solicited directly from donors. They may be raffled individually or combined as part of a gift basket. Chairs may also choose to sell grab bags including smaller items, or any other vehicle to raise money to benefit the St. Thomas Scholarship Fund.


Section 1. The Selection Committee will be made up of five graduating senior mothers plus the current Mothers’ Club President, the immediate Past President, the Club Moderator, the Staff Liaison, the school Principal and school President, for a total of eleven voting members.

Section 2. The current Executive Board, in cooperation with the past Mothers’ Club President, shall appoint the Selection Committee and announce them at the February general meeting.

Section 3. Nomination candidates shall be entertained from the following individuals: any St. Thomas Mothers’ Club member willing to self- nominate. Such candidate shall provide to the Selection Committee a completed application form along with a full resume of accomplishments both in the school and in the greater community. Applications will be considered in the following preferential order: 1) Mothers of current juniors who have no other sons who will enroll at St. Thomas during her term on the Executive Board; 2) Mothers of current juniors who have younger sons enrolled at St. Thomas; 3) Mothers of current sophomores who have an older son who attended St. Thomas for all four years of high school and graduated from St. Thomas; 4) All other St. Thomas mothers. The strong preference for Executive Board membership is the selection of applicants from the first category. In the event the Selection Committee must consider applicants from the other categories, the decision must be unanimous.

Section 4. The Selection Committee will slate one candidate for each of the five officer positions of the Executive Board.

Section 5. The immediate Past President shall be the facilitator of the Selection Committee.

Section 6. All final selections must be by unanimous vote of the Selection Committee.

Section 7. A woman may not serve consecutive terms as President, but may serve two consecutive terms in other officer positions. Any woman serving on the Executive Board may not serve on the Selection Committee if she nominates herself for consideration on the Executive Board for the following year.

Section 8. Ratification of the Slate of Officers of the Executive Board will take place at the April meeting and installation of these officers shall take place at the May luncheon.


Standing committees and positions are as follows and may be updated as needed by the Executive Board. Descriptions are found on the Mothers’ Club website.

Booster Club Liaison
Dance Chaperone Chair
Eagle Basket Chair
Senior Grade Chair
Junior Grade Chair
Sophomore Grade Chair
Freshman Grade Chair

Cookie Chair
Hospitality Co-Chairs
Drama Guild Liaison
Eagle Angels Chair
“Moms in Prayer” Chair
Mentor Moms Chair
Eagles Treats Chair

Christmas Fund Chair
Properties Chair
Music Guild Liaison
Speech Guild Liaison
Dads’ Club Liaison
Tom’s Moms Liaison
Social Events Chair


Section 1. The Mothers’ Club shall meet nine times during the school term on dates designated by the President in conjunction with the Executive Board and Club Moderator.

Section 2. The President may call special meetings of the Board as needed. A special meeting may also be called by the majority vote of board members present at any regular meeting.

Section 3. Twelve members, in addition to a majority of the Executive Board, shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Club.


Dues are part of each student’s registration fee, which is set by the Administration. The St. Thomas Business Office will collect the registration fee, however, the Mothers’ Club will be run as an expense of the school, not as its own separate entity. The Mothers’ Club Treasurer will submit ALL recommendations for deposit or disbursement to the school business office. The Mothers’ Club budget shall be managed to ensure a break-even profit and loss statement at each school year’s end.


These Bylaws shall be reviewed every January and may be altered, amended, or replaced by a majority vote at any meeting of the Mothers’ Club, provided that such changes were proposed at the previous meeting of the Club.

Revision 3.6.19

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Welcome to Tom’s Moms! As parents of St. Thomas students each of us appreciated the camaraderie and support of other mothers as we prayed, worked and socialized together on events in support of St. Thomas High School and our sons.  This organization offers an opportunity for mothers of alumni to stay in touch with the activities, spirit and development of the school.

The Tom’s Moms come together four times a year to enjoy a luncheon and discuss activities.  Tom’s Moms support the school by volunteering at events such as Back to School Night, Mother-Son Mass and Round-Up.

Meeting dates – coming soon! We will send out invitations with the time and location for each meeting. This information will also be posted on the STHS website. We are excited to have a new meeting place in the Fr. Belisch Dining Room in the former priests’ residence.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Tom’s Mom’s Board

Mary Yokubaitis, President,
Carmen Dominguez, Vice President
Gretchen Penny, Treasurer
Francine Keusenkothen, Secretary

For more information contact Mary Yokubaitis,

Find us on Facebook @ St. Thomas High School – Tom’s Moms.