Technology Department

St. Thomas High School requires a year of technology credits for graduation, which is also required by the State of Texas. All sophomores take Computer Applications. Juniors have their choice among MS Office, Web Design, Advanced Java I, Advanced Java II programming, and Visual Basic, but one course is required. Other courses may be taken for elective credits during the junior and senior years.


COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Students learn to use Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, they complete a major project at the end of each unit which integrates what they have learned. (One semester).

MS OFFICE APPLICATIONS covers intermediate to advanced topics in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students complete a major project at the end of each unit which integrates what they have learned. Pre-requisite: Computer Applications (One semester)

WEB DESIGN & MANAGEMENT focuses on key concepts and principles of Website design and development, including web terminology, design principles, and hands-on development of Websites. Students will learn how to design a Website based on requirements, structure Website content, develop Website pages using graphics, animation, and integration with Microsoft Office applications, and perform quality assurance testing. Pre-requisite: Computer Applications (One semester)

VISUAL BASIC offers students the opportunity to create Windows based applications using Microsoft’s Visual Basic programming language. Students learn how to combine graphics and visual objects (forms, text boxes, labels, command buttons, etc.) while also learning how to program. Pre-requisite: Computer Applications (One semester)

ADVANCED JAVA PROGRAMMING I introduces the Java programming language. Students learn problem solving skills as they write Java programs. Students also learn basic programming structures. Pre-requisite: Taking Adv Alg II/Trig or Pre-Calculus with 82+ in Math and Computer Applications. (One semester)

ADVANCED JAVA PROGRAMMING II is a continuation of Advanced Java Programming I. Students learn more advanced computer science concepts and programming structures such as arrays, user interfaces, searching, sorting, recursion, and working with classes which is a feature of object-oriented programming. Pre-requisite: 80 in Adv Java Programming I. (One semester)


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