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Shaping Young Minds

St. Thomas High School is a well-established college preparatory that provides a caring, intellectually challenging learning atmosphere in which young men develop the tools necessary to become successful in their future studies and careers. Our students are well prepared for an ever demanding and diverse world. Young alumni often tell us that the course content and workload in college is very manageable for them because they trained for academic rigor at St. Thomas.

The St. Thomas community also shapes the character and nurtures the faith of students, staff, parents and alumni. We share the responsibility of bringing Christ’s message to the community at large by serving those in need and being advocates for social justice.

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Theology Department

The Theology Department at St. Thomas offers a four-year program designed to give every student a firm foundation in faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The classes are rich in the study of Scripture, doctrine and the Catholic Church’s teachings. The pedagogy of the Theology Department provides a strong foundation by which students can grow in their faith and integrate the course of study into their daily lives. The Theology classes are enhanced by volunteer service and retreats, as well as the emphasis on prayer days throughout the semester. This holistic approach allows for the formation of the whole person and the engagement into an active faith life.

Academic credit is given for the Theology courses. The Theology curriculum is designed so that all students, regardless of faith background, can succeed. It follows the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age, the Archdiocesan Framework for Catechesis and the Catholic School Office Curriculum Guide.

Grade 9: Theology I

  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture (Fall semester)
  • Who Is Jesus Christ? (Spring semester)

Grade 10: Theology II

  • The Mission Of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery) (Fall semester)
  • Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues In The Church (Spring semester)

Grade 11: Theology III

  • Sacraments as Privileged Encounters With Christ (Fall Semester)
  • Life in Jesus Christ (Spring semester)

Grade 12: Theology IV

  • Required Course: Living As A Disciple Of Jesus Christ In Society
  • Individual Elective Courses: Healing Racism, Holocaust, Ethics and Dialogue, Philosophical Foundations, World Religions, Scripture, and Church History
  • Introduction to Contemporary Biblical Studies
    This course can also be used for dual credit through the University of St. Thomas. The course is Theology 1301: Sacred Scripture.
Jenny McConnell (B.S. Computer Science, University of Houston; Masters of Religious Studies, University of St. Thomas; Masters in Theological Studies, St. Mary’s Seminary) is Dean of the Theology Department. She has received awards from the Anti-Defamation League and a fellowship and grant from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Ms. McConnell began teaching at STH in 1997 currently teaches Morality, Social Justice and the Holocaust. She also has been an Adjunct Professor of Theology at University of St. Thomas and St. Mary’s Seminary since 2002.

Casey Johnson ’05 (B.A. Theology with a minor in Latin and Philosophy, University of St. Thomas; M.A. Theology, St. Mary’s Seminary) is a St. Thomas alumnus. He teaches Theology I, II, III and Philosophy and serves as the Faculty Co-Coordinator of Round-Up.

Deacon Leonard Lockett (B.A. University of St. Thomas, M.A. Pastoral Theology, and M.A. Theology) began teaching here in 2015. He teaches Theology II and Theology III and serves as a Campus Minister.

Joe O’Brien (B.A., University of St. Thomas) is the Director of Student Activities, and he teaches Healing Racism and Theology III.

Andrew Quittenton (B.A. English and Theology, B. Ed. Univeristy of Toronto; M.R.E., Theology, University of Toronto) is a Theology and English teacher at St. Thomas and also coaches Freshman football. He is a graduate of St. Michael’s College School, our Basilian brother school.

Elizabeth Schaeperkoetter (B.A. Theology/Philosophy, Benedictine College and M.A. Biblical Theology, Augustine Institute) began teaching at St. Thomas in 2015. She teaches the freshman course, The Revelation of Jesus Christ and the sophomore course, The Mission Of Jesus Christ in the Fall semester. In the Spring Semester, she teaches the freshman course, Who Is Jesus Christ? and the sophomore course Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues In The Church.

Matthew Simon (B.A. Theology with a minor in Philosophy, University of St. Thomas) began teaching at St. Thomas in 2001. He teaches Theology I, Theology II, Theology III and World Religions.

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