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St. Thomas High School is a well-established college preparatory that provides a caring, intellectually challenging learning atmosphere in which young men develop the tools necessary to become successful in their future studies and careers. Our students are well prepared for an ever demanding and diverse world. Young alumni often tell us that the course content and workload in college is very manageable for them because they trained for academic rigor at St. Thomas.

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Physical Education Department

Physical Education courses at St. Thomas High School strive to offer a broad spectrum of activities in order that the student may find a degree of success, which will in turn motivate him toward a lifetime of physical well-being.

The curriculum is divided into two categories: Team sports, used to emphasize the concepts of social interaction and unity; and sports for life, including weight training and conditioning, to encourage life-long habits of regular physical activity.

Two semesters of PE courses are required for graduation and can be taken at any time.

Most often at least one semester of PE is taken during the Freshman year.

Nathan Labus (B.S., University of Houston) has coached at St. Thomas since 1998. He is the Dean of the Physical Education Department and teaches Physical Education and Health. Nathan is also the head coach of Cross Country and Track & Field.

Rich McGuire (B.S., Emporia State University; M.Ed., University of Illinois; J.D., University of Illinois) has coached at St. Thomas since 2012. He teaches Physical Education and is the Head Football Coach.

Josh Hooten (Trinity University) He will be teaching P.E. at St. Thomas and will continue with the football program. Josh is from a small town just outside of Waco, TX called Robinson. He graduated high school in ’06 and attended Trinity University that fall, where he played football for four years. He received his Masters in Teaching in the spring of 2012 from Trinity. He moved to Houston that summer and has been teaching next door for the last 6 years at the High School for Law and Criminal Justice. Josh’s wife’s name is Grace, and they have a six month old daughter named Piper Rose.

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