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Shaping Young Minds

St. Thomas High School is a well-established college preparatory that provides a caring, intellectually challenging learning atmosphere in which young men develop the tools necessary to become successful in their future studies and careers. Our students are well prepared for an ever demanding and diverse world. Young alumni often tell us that the course content and workload in college is very manageable for them because they trained for academic rigor at St. Thomas.

The St. Thomas community also shapes the character and nurtures the faith of students, staff, parents and alumni. We share the responsibility of bringing Christ’s message to the community at large by serving those in need and being advocates for social justice.

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English Department

The English department at St. Thomas is devoted to helping students become confident, critical thinkers who communicate effectively and who will be both willing and able to make a difference in the world.

Through their study of important literary works in the survey courses at St. Thomas, students are exposed to exceptional writing and are introduced to a wide variety of cultures and ideas to broaden their perspectives and foster understanding and empathy for others. As students think, speak, and write about literature, they develop the ability to confidently create and support rational, intellectually-informed arguments. As they study great books, our students wrestle with fundamental questions about the human experience, developing the critical thinking skills needed to become active and effective leaders.

Grade 9: English 1, Advanced English 1, and English 9 (all World Literature and Composition)

Grade 10: English 2 and Advanced English 2 (all World Literature and Composition)

Grade 11: English 3 (American Literature and Composition) and AP English Language

Grade 12: English 4 (British Literature and Composition) and AP English Literature

Electives: Speech, Forensics 1 and 2, Creative Writing, Contemporary Research and Writing, and Publications

Judy Granberry (B.A. Plan II Honors, University of Texas at Austin; JD, University of Houston Law Center; graduate studies, University of St. Thomas) started teaching at St. Thomas in 2008. Her teaching assignments include English I, Advanced English I and Writing Lab. She currently serves as the Dean of the English Department.

David Fritsch (B.S. Political Science and History, Spring Hill College; graduate studies, University of St. Thomas; graduate studies, University of Houston; M.A. in English, National University) is a graduate of St. Thomas High School. He has been teaching at STH since 1998. His teaching assignments include AP English Language, Creative Writing and Contemporary Research Writing.

Daniel Green (B.A. English, Spring Hill College; Masters in Educational Leadership, Lamar University) has been at St. Thomas since 2002. His teaching assignments include English IV, Speech, Theater I and Theater II. He also serves as the Drama director.

Jennifer McDonald (B.A. Mass Communications, Louisiana State University, M.A.T. Education, Nicholls State University, Catholic Education Leadership and Policy Studies, Catholic University of America) started teaching English at St. Thomas in August of 2015. Her teaching assignments include English 9 and English II.

Claudia Mundell (B.A. English, St. Mary’s University; M.A. English, California State University; Principal Certification, University of St. Thomas) joined the faculty in 2014. Her teaching assignments include English I and English III.

Will Nash (B.A. English, Texas A&M University, M.A. English, National University) started teaching at St. Thomas in 2005. His teaching assignments include Advanced English II and English II.

Andrew Quittenton (B.A. English and Theology, B. Ed. University of Toronto; M.R.E., Theology, University of Toronto) is a Theology and English teacher at St. Thomas and also coaches freshman football. He is a graduate of St. Michael’s College School, our Basilian brother school.

Laura Speck (B.A. English with Special Honors, University of Texas-Austin; M.A. Rice University) As the writing specialist at STH, Laura assists students of all levels with writing assignments in any subject and at any stage of the writing process. In order to support STH students as they develop as writers, she draws on her experience as a writing consultant at the Undergraduate Writing Center while attending the University of Texas at Austin. Her graduate education at Rice University focused on Reading and Writing methodology in the High School classroom. She began working at St. Thomas as a Freshman English teacher in 2012.

Laura Thornton (B.A. English Literature, Texas A&M University; graduate studies Rice University, Oxford University, Worcester College via UC Riverside, University of Houston)joined the St. Thomas faculty in the fall of 2012. She teaches English IV and AP English Literature. Mrs. Thornton works closely with the College Board, including serving on the Test Development and Timing Committee.

Darrell Yarbrough (B.S. Speech Communications, Stephen F. Austin State University. Post graduate studies at the University of Houston) began teaching at St. Thomas in 2015. His teaching assignments include Forensics 1, Forensics 2, and Public Speaking. Mr. Yarbrough also coaches the STH Debate team.

Hunter Youngblood (B.A. Stephen F. Austin State University) began teaching mathematics and English at St. Thomas in 2000. Prior to her time at St. Thomas, she taught in public schools in Texas and Mississippi. Her teaching assignments include English III and English IV.

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