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Shaping Young Minds

St. Thomas High School is a well-established college preparatory that provides a caring, intellectually challenging learning atmosphere in which young men develop the tools necessary to become successful in their further studies and careers. Emphasis is placed on the students’ preparedness for an ever demanding and diverse world.

The St. Thomas community, which includes students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni, nourishes the faith of all its members. Together, and as individuals, members of the community share the responsibility of actively bearing Christ’s message to the society at large. Promotion of social justice and service to those in need stand at the core of this mission.

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Mathematics Department

The goal of the Math Department is to provide a curriculum that enables each student to challenge himself to achieve to his fullest potential – in Math and outside it, in high school and beyond. We help prepare students for the highest levels of math and science courses at St. Thomas, which require mathematical skills, and for their mathematics courses at the university level as well. For many highly motivated students, this includes the challenge to earn college credit through the Advanced Placement Program.

We endeavor to help students appreciate the beauty of mathematics, the richness of its language, the elegance of its logic, the power of its applications and the joy in discovering and understanding its ideas and results.

Grade 9: Algebra I, Accelerated Algebra I, Advanced Algebra I/ Adv. Geometry, Adv. Geometry

Grade 10: Geometry, Adv. Geometry, Adv. Algebra II/Trig, Algebra II/Trig

Grade 11: Algebra II, Alg II/Trig, Adv. Alg II/Trig, Precalculus, Adv. Pre-Calculus

Grade 12: AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, Reg Calculus, Adv. Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Alg III

Loretta Debaillon (B.S. Math Education, University of Southwestern Louisiana, now University of Louisiana Lafayette) is the Dean of the Mathematics Department She has been at St. Thomas since 1991. Mrs. Debaillon teaches the Pre-Calculus and Advanced Pre-Calculus classes.

Beth Breuer(B.S., University of Texas at Austin)has been teaching at St. Thomas since 1997, and she teaches Algebra II and Algebra III and regular calculus. She has done graduate hours at Rice through RUSMP, is a certified calculus teacher and has attended the NMSI workshops.

Mary Cassaro (B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University; M.Ed Counseling, Texas Christian University) joined the faculty in 2012 and teaches Pre-Calculus and Algebra II/Trigonometry.

Jonathan Kwok (B.A., Texas A&M University) joined the faculty in 2011 and teaches Geometry. He is also the varsity basketball coach.

Joan McNatt (B.S. and M.S. Math, University of Houston-Clear Lake) teaches Advanced Algebra II/Trigonometry and AP Calculus BC and AB. She joined the faculty in 2010. She is calculus certified and has attended NMSI workshops.

Roland Melchor (B.A., University of Houston) joined the faculty in January 2011 with nine years of experience. He teaches Algebra I and Algebra II.

Jennifer Pearson (B.A., University of St. Thomas) teaches Advanced Algebra I/Geometry, Accelerated Alg I and Advanced Geometry. She joined the STH faculty in 2013.

College acceptance rate for STH class of 2016
STH students scored 3 or higher on AP exams
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