Take Us Higher: Pathways to Independent Learning Class

This course is the third in a series of enrichment courses for middle school students sponsored by St. Thomas High School. The first two are Step Up Study Skills and Preparation for the High School Entrance Exams. In Pathways to Independent Learning, students are given tools and strategies to take charge of the learning process. [...]

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Navigating the Private School Admissions Process

It’s Time to Make A Strong Impression After careful research and deliberation, you’ve decided to apply to private school – congratulations on this important decision. Private schools typically have limited seats and a competitive application process, so it’s essential to make a compelling case for yourself to stand out among other applicants. First of all, [...]

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The Benefits of a Catholic Education

Parents who want the best for their students have many educational options. You may have already decided that private school is your preference; but within that group, you’ll find religiously affiliated schools that do an excellent job at creating tomorrow’s leaders. For many Catholic families – and others – Catholic high schools are appealing [...]

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Are Private School Students Successful?

It’s only natural that families want the best for their students navigating those all-so-important high school years. These years have the power to determine the direction of a person’s life, so the potential educational, social, spiritual and career outcomes of enrollment in a particular school are often of top concern for families. Research has [...]

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Can I afford a Private College Preparatory High School?

You want the best education for your child, and to find a school that will successfully prepare him or her for college, life, family, service and beyond. Based on everything you’ve researched and learned, private school has become an important option to consider. Now comes the most practical consideration: can you afford it? Rest [...]

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Why Consider Single Gender Education?

When considering school options for your son, maybe you’ve wondered about the benefits of an all-boys option. This is a fine educational tradition that goes back generations, and for good reason: Single-gender education makes sense for a lot of students, and the positive aspects – educational, social, self-esteem and even spiritual – are many. [...]

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Why Should I Consider Sending My Child to Private School?

This is a time for deciding what means the most to you and your student as you plan for their academic growth, spiritual development and a lifetime of faith, achievement, service and personal success. Let’s face it: when it comes to secondary education, those four years are critical not only in your child’s growth and [...]

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