Going 10 Rounds with Dean of Students Rod Takacs

St. Thomas Dean of Students Rod Takacs tackles a speed round of questions. As the highest ranking Lord of Discipline (in complete accord with goodness and knowledge), what’s the most outrageously creative albeit untruthful excuse/alibi that sparked your internal bemusement from a guilty party trying in vain to avoid inevitable wrath? "This has actually happened [...]

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Going 10 Rounds with Ed Marintsch, PhD

The acclaimed faculty member completing his 33rd academic year within the science and math departments at St. Thomas tackles a speed round of questions. Originally you’re from New York City, attended Christ the King High School, Middle Village, Queens. Later, City College of New York. What brought you to Houston? "I took a job with [...]

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Science Teacher and Texas Master Naturalist, Philip Cuneo

As he watched the flood waters rise during Hurricane Harvey, St. Thomas science teacher Philip Cuneo had a brain storm about how to make something positive come out of this catastrophe. “I was thinking about how what we were living through could be turned into a teachable moment. I knew we couldn’t just return to [...]

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