The extended St. Thomas community was proud to gather in unison as President Fr. James Murphy, CSB blessed the new home of Fr. Wilson Field, the next jewel among the school’s ever-expanding campus footprint. The exquisite facility stands as one of the premier on-campus high school baseball parks in Texas and the region.

A number of invaluable St. Thomas stakeholders were in attendance as President Fr. Murphy threw out a ceremonial first pitch and then shared the spotlight with current student-athlete Billy Theroux ‘24 whose class will be the first to stage a competitive season in the friendly confines.

President Fr. Murphy expressed “gratitude for the countless members of our community who have and continued to support the Basilian Fathers mission to teach goodness, discipline, and knowledge … gratitude to our board of directors and foundation board whose guidance and steadfastness guided us through many challenges … gratitude for each and every person who contributed to the planning, design, and construction of this incredible facility.

“Tonight we ask your blessing on this space … as all visitors enter under the cheerful gaze of the Fr. Wilson statue … and your gaze of welcome and protection. … May this be a true classroom for the life lessons you wish to impart. Loving God, thank you for all the blessings in our lives. May we always live with generous and grateful hearts. … Bless this new Fr. Wilson Field.”

The showcase venue is positioned on the Joplin Campus, creating a unique experience for one of the most loyal fan bases in high school baseball. Eagle Baseball enjoys an enduring legacy of 24 state champions since 1953.

The Joplin Campus, named to recognize the extraordinary philanthropy of Jane and Bill Joplin ‘54 during the 4500Forever capital campaign, contains four vital components. All are different in their use, but all four supply Eagle student-athletes with superior mental and physical training and preparation facilities.

The extensive redevelopment included more than 20,000 square feet devoted to enhanced practice amenities for Eagle Basketball and Eagle Wrestling, plus a complex for strength and conditioning, and sports medicine utilized by all Eagle student-athletes.

The jaw-dropping 3,760-square-foot weight room offers one of the most comprehensive free-weight and exercise machine facilities in Houston while ensuring a safe environment. The technologically advanced 3,000-square-foot sports medicine center emphasizes specialized diagnostic stations for therapy to promote rapid recovery.

During the celebration, President Fr. Murphy exuded considerable excitement as St. Thomas confidently positions in the brave new world of college preparatory education. He emphasized the deliberate efforts to ongoing facilities projects that blend historic beauty with innovative function and the continued St. Thomas commitment to students and their families.

“In recent years, we have completed a new STEM facility, new student center, dedicated adult meeting spaces, and made a true connection between Storey Clay Campus and the Joplin Campus. And now we prepare for our immediate and far future. In the previous year, we have collectively crafted a strategic plan.

“It’s my privilege to present the five pillars of that vision:

Basilian Charism. Now more than ever, it is critical that we ensure the traditions of the Basilian Fathers are brought forth through our lay staff.

An Exceptional St. Thomas Experience. It’s not enough that our students attend class, listen to lectures, and take tests. They must learn to love learning. The true goal of a St. Thomas education is applying knowledge across the curriculum for not only scholars, but faculty and staff as well.

Financial Stewardship. We are servant leaders not only in the classroom but in the business world. It is important we are a financially stable organizaton, intelligent and trusting with the money and resources that are offered to us. That belief must be continuously earned.

Captivating Communication. We must reach a variety of constituents and engage the families who will make St. Thomas their future home.

Facility Development. The new realities of secondary education must mirror our commitment to our students, tomorrow and five, 10, 15 years from now. We must fulfill the needs of education, athletics, and the arts.

“Tonight is an incredible night. The fulfillment of many promises made. Thank you for trusting St. Thomas to reach this moment. And we’re moving forward.”

Catholic. Basilian. Teaching Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge since 1900.