In the spirit of leadership and community service, two young members from Troop 730 at St. Anne’s and one from Troop 354 at St. Martins have recently achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, the highest accolade in the Boy Scouts of America. Evan Loera, Joe Keusenkothen, and George Henry Lane have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in their scouting journeys, marking significant contributions to their communities through their Eagle Scout projects.

Evan Loera ’26: A Commitment to Animal Welfare

Evan’s Eagle Scout project focused on the restoration of the BARC outdoor play area, an organization dedicated to helping animals in need. His efforts not only enhanced the safety of the play area but also made it a more enjoyable environment for both humans and animals. Despite being only a sophomore, Evan has already proven his worthiness of the Eagle Scout title, earning 39 merit badges and serving in leadership roles such as Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Senior Patrol Leader. His adventurous spirit shone through as he attended challenging summer camps like San Isabel and Wehinahpay, and specialized camps where he mastered kayaking on Lake Ouachita and scuba diving at BTSR.

Joe Keusenkothen ’27: Championing Environmental Conservation

Joe dedicated his Eagle Scout Project to environmental conservation by leading a team to build bird houses in Herman Park, aiding in the restoration of the Blue Jay population. This initiative not only helps maintain ecological balance but also provides safe nesting spaces for the birds. Joe, just a freshman, has set a high bar for his scouting career, having earned 23 merit badges and held leadership positions such as Troop Leader and Patrol Leader twice, showcasing his commitment and leadership skills.

George Henry Lane ’24: Overcoming Adversity in Service

Henry, a senior at St. Thomas High School and a seasoned Scout since first grade, has held multiple leadership roles, including Senior Patrol Leader, and earned numerous badges and awards. His commitment to scouting is evident from the extensive outdoor activities and community service he has participated in. For his Eagle Scout project, Henry faced a significant challenge when his initial tree-planting plan was derailed due to timing issues. Undeterred, he quickly arranged a new project at Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he successfully led the planting of 25 trees with 17 scouts. Despite setbacks like improper spacing and hard soil, Henry’s effective leadership and perseverance enabled him to complete the project just in time for his 18th birthday. This experience taught him valuable lessons in resilience, planning, and teamwork.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Evan, Joe, and Henry exemplify the core values of an Eagle Scout: leadership, service, and a commitment to improving society. Their projects—restoring the BARC play area, conserving the Blue Jay habitat, and expanding green spaces at a local hospital—reflect their personal interests and their dedication to making a positive impact. These young leaders continue to inspire their peers and community, proving that true leadership is about making a lasting difference.