Gallery – ‘Mad About St. Thomas’ Auction & Gala

The Mad About St. Thomas Auction & Gala, honoring Dona and Al Clay '61, toasted the Mad Men fashion and panache of the 1960s when it was always happy hour at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and no dull moments or dull men were tolerated. The resounding efforts were chaired by Tina and Bradley Crawford, Caroline and [...]

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‘Mad About St. Thomas’ Auction & Gala Stupendous Success, Honors Dona & Al Clay ’61

Dona and Al Clay ‘61 had long advocated for the growing needs of St. Thomas and furthering its objectives. Three years ago, the two assured lasting distinction with the largest leadership gift in the school’s 118-year chronicle, donating $10 million to the 4500Forever capital campaign. The unprecedented philanthropy is advancing the St. Thomas academic enterprise [...]

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