St. Thomas is proud to recognize assistant dean of students Gail Calkins with the December Eagle of the Month distinction for making exemplary contributions to campus life and demonstrating a passion for and dedication to the Eagle Family.

Mrs. Calkins consistently demonstrates outstanding performance above and beyond the duties of her position, but this month in particular she was at the forefront of providing much needed pastoral care, helping students deal with the loss of loved ones, or reaching out with concern to families dealing with surgeries and other serious health issues.

Mrs. Calkins helps to create a culture of appreciation and celebration, inspiring excellence in others, influencing positive change and increased collaboration between and among diverse members of the campus community.

In the nomination process, a fellow employee noted that “(Gail) really shows how deeply she cares.  She allies all us around her to do more, care more, stay engaged … and not just in an “I’ll pray for you” sort of way … but wills all of us to put ‘compassion into action’ by her energy, her spirit and her tenacity.”

Mrs. Calkins conveys a valued mentoring presence and a deep genuine appreciation for our students, parents, faculty and staff, all in the Basilian tradition of teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge.