St. Thomas is proud to celebrate the latest champion scholars earning membership in its prestigious chapter of the National Honor Society.

Commemorating more than 100 years saluting the nation’s most acclaimed students, the NHS is recognized as the nation’s premier organization rewarding high school students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, and character – the four pillars of the NHS since its beginnings.

The St. Thomas inductees maintain a superior academic performance while engaging in rigorous college preparatory and Advanced Placement courses. Members are expected to maintain their acclaimed standing and mentor underclassmen while selflessly making a difference in the world, no matter where they are.

“Our campus community is thrilled to congratulate these scholars for their resolute efforts toward highest achievement,” says Principal Dr. Aaron Dominguez ‘96. “They model the power of resilient work and embody the Basilian values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge. As they continue their academic experience and spiritual journeys, I encourage them to embrace the joy of inspiring others to realize their dreams.”

The St. Thomas NHS officers for the 2021-22 academic year are president Brett Koehn ‘22, vice president Landon Croker ‘22, secretary Joe Anton ‘22, treasurer Luke Evans ‘22, and parliamentarian Thanh-Vinh McColloster ‘22.

The 68 newly inducted NHS members include:

Mateo Albrecht ’23 and Luke Anigbogu ’23

Nicolas Barriga ’23, Ben Brown ’23, Ben Burch ’23, and Austin Burke ’23

Isaac Cabello ’23, Arjun Chahal ’23, and Samuel Cornell ’23

Caleb Davis ’23, Evan De Anda ’23, James Dickinson ’23, Colin Dixon ’23, Nathan Doiron ’23, Sean Donovan ’23, and Logan DuPlantis ’23

Anthony Equale ’23, Tommy Erb ’23, and Alex Erickson ’23

Matthew Fote ’23

John Griffiths ’23, Leo Grover ’23, and Jack Guyre ’23

Grayson Haight ’23, Liam Hennen ’23, John Heyburn ’23, Nathan Hulvey ’23, and Nathan Hunt ’23

Jonathan Jackson ’23 and Matthew Jones ’23

Max Kaase ’23, Jack Keeler ’23, Blake Keller ’23, Garner Kelling ’23, Cole Kelly ’23, and Jackson Knower ’23

Vincent Le ’23, Seth Levy ’23, Zeo Lin ’23, Brian Lively ’23, Luka Ljuboja ’23, and Alex Lynn ’23

Logan Mahoney ’23, Luke Martin ’23, Evan McCarthy ’23, Caleb McClure ’23, Ryan McGuire ’23, Jorge Morfin ’23, and Oni Mouton ’23

Ted Naeher ’23, Aidan Nanquil ’23, Ryan Nguyen ’23, and Graham Nieland ’23

Thomas Pham ’23 and Jake Pike ’23

Luka Salcedo ’23, Braydan Salinas ’23, Casey Salvatierra ’23, Sam Saman ’23, Trey Schaider ’23, Parker St. Raymond ’22, Michael Staron ’23, and Caleb Sudkamp ’23

Collin Tautfest ’23

Jack Weaver ’23, Bradley Wight ’23, and Damian Wilson ’23

Jad Zeidan ’23

These commended students joined 43 fellow Eagles from the Class of 2022 who had previously demonstrated the ability to excel, serve, lead, and succeed with a genuine quest for challenge and accomplishment.

Joe Anton and Grant Arnold

Nate Babineaux, Patrick Bates, Carrick Brogan, John Brooks, and Henry Brown

Bruno Castilla, Mark Cheek, Landon Croker, and Andrew Cromwell

Luke Evans

Wyatt Green

Octavio Hinojosa and Lawson Huff

Grady Jones

Brett Koehn

Dylan Lightfoot, Colin Little, Robert Longo, and Nico Lopez

Joe Rick Madden, Sam Mahlberg, Thanh-Vinh McColloster, and Cooper Murray

Carson Ondo and Alex Ostrom

Eli Phillips, Maddox Prejean-VanMeurs, and Cameron Price

Charlie Ramirez, Diego Ramos, and Joseph Romero

Dylan Sandrock, Mark Scott, and Edward Seymour

Sami Taghlabi and David Torres

Ruben Vara

Peyton Woodlief and Andrew Wusterhausen

Alex Yankowsky

Peter Zhong

Involvement in the NHS is an exclusive responsibility, with students expected to continue to reflect the society’s high standards, as well as serve the school and their fellow students as academic leaders, ambassadors, and tutors.

Science faculty member Dr. Claire Conboy played a pivotal role in determining the deep St. Thomas NHS participation in her second year as chapter advisor.

“This is significant prestige that demonstrates the depth of the academic achievement thriving within St. Thomas,” Dr. Conboy says. “We are about developing and nurturing our students to reach their potential not only through curriculum but as vibrant contributors to society. And this honor provides a guiding light for all our young men of what is attainable and what should be pursued.”

Previously, McColloster and Phillips earned semifinal acclaim in the 67th annual National Merit Scholarship Program while Brogan, Cheek, Croker, Koehn, Ondo, and Woodlief were selected as National Merit Commended Students from the Class of 2022.

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