Teacher Spotlight: Brett Mills

Many of you on campus may recognize Brett Mills as a St. Thomas High School U.S. History teacher, Dean of Social Studies, or Rugby coach. Although, what you might not know about Mr. Mills is his how he spends his summers. Each summer, Mr. Mills spends time in locations throughout the U.S. or abroad – [...]

Student Spotlight: Adam Dunn, Jordan Navarijo, Carson Hechler and Augustus Boettcher

This summer, four of our students from St. Thomas High School, Adam Dunn (’20), Jordan Navarijo (’20), Carson Hechler (’20), and Augustus Boettcher (’21), had the opportunity to attend a three-week study abroad program in Rome through the University of Dallas. The summer program offered through the University of Dallas provides opportunities for high school [...]

St. Thomas Alum Receives Scholarship to Study Mandarin Abroad

Douglas Fahrenholz (’19), recent graduate of St. Thomas High School, received the National Security Language Intiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) scholarship to study Mandarin abroad. Fahrenholz will plan to study in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages during the 2019-2020 school year. The NSLI-Y scholarship program was launched in 2006 to promote critical [...]

‘Eagles’ Nest’ Fall 2019 – St. Thomas Leaving its Catholic Basilian Imprint on Houston and Nationally

The Eagles' Nest is the St. Thomas flagship vehicle for telling stories about the vibrant Eagle community. Through compelling narratives and striking visuals, we explore the institution, from the change and growth on campus to how St. Thomas is leaving its Catholic Basilian imprint on Houston and nationally. Our award-winning writing and design provide insights [...]

Lee ’20 Selected for Exclusive ‘Economics For Leaders’ Program at Wake Forest University

Acclaimed St. Thomas scholar-athlete Nathan Lee ‘20 was selected for an exclusive Economics For Leaders program at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Lee was one of 32 students from across the United States who shared in the summer enrichment exercise designed for talented and motivated high school students who wish to accelerate their [...]

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St. Thomas Hosts Science Modeling Curriculum Workshops

St. Thomas High School, in collaboration with the American Modeling Teaching Association (AMTA), is hosting a two-week science modeling curriculum workshop this July. The American Modeling Teaching Association (AMTA) is a professional organization of teachers who utilize modeling instruction in their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) teaching practice. The AMTA workshops have an intensive, [...]

President Fr. James Murphy, CSB – The First 100 Days

From the very beginning of his new command role at St. Thomas, Fr. James Murphy, CSB embraced the benefit of introspection, not just inspection. Named on January 31 the third president in the school’s storied history, Fr. Murphy was intent on an ego-less approach to his 100-day action plan that would introduce and reflect his [...]

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Senior Stories – Shane Williams ’19, Excellence and Ethic

Imagination and willpower were always the most important gifts granted Shane Williams ‘19. He applied the powerful pair in equal doses during a St. Thomas career marked by brilliance magnified by his own appreciation. “I love this school because of the opportunities for every student,” Williams says. “The gut-feeling to attend here was strong. That [...]

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Senior Stories – Plato Pappas ’19, Resounding Resolve and Purpose

Plato Pappas ‘19 leaves St. Thomas with a substantial record of academic acclaim and accomplishment. Pappas earned recognition as a National Merit Hispanic Scholar as well as entry into the National Honor Society, excelled in the rigorous economics curriculum and served on the student board of directors of the Houston Branch of the Dallas Federal [...]

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Senior Stories – Daniel Griggs ’19, Late Awakenings

Daniel Griggs ‘19 impresses in first-time encounters as real and deep and earnest. And the deeply real and earnest feelings of his initial days and weeks as a St. Thomas newbie are as fresh as the sudden flurry of Instagram flashes. “I was terrified,” Griggs says. “I think I knew two people. And it took [...]

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