13th Annual Scholarship Breakfast | Tradition of Philanthropy Vital to Basilian Legacy

For 120 years St. Thomas has embraced its goal, its passion, its obligation to provide a supportive academic environment for Eagle scholars to thrive, empowering them to create positive change everywhere life takes them. Prominent and central to that Basilian mission is furnishing need-based financial assistance and merit-based scholarships to ensure that St. Thomas can [...]

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Late Sales Surge Ignites Another Record-Setting Round-Up Celebration

When it comes to Round-Up ... Eagle scholars have long mastered their ABC’s. Always. Be. Closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. For the third consecutive year, the like-minded and aspirant harnessed a collective and aggressive late surge to ignite an outburst of raffle ticket sales which generated a Glengarry-esque frantic Friday finish that would have had Ricky [...]

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Another Record-Smashing Round-Up – More than $581,000 for Tuition Assistance

Round-Up ... where conventional wisdom and rational reason need not apply ... where the beats just keep getting bigger, better and more robust ... for the 14th consecutive year. Round-Up ... where the kids routinely crank out a King Kong encore bordering on the absurd ... where the student driven fundraiser remains unmatched anywhere in the [...]

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