St. Thomas is implementing a new program … the Eagle of the Month Award, a special recognition of a member of the STH faculty or staff who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for the STH community.

To participate in the process, simply email the name and explanation of your nomination to before the 3rd Friday of the month.  The winner will be chosen and announced on the Eagle Broadcast Network the following Friday and posted in the Big Red News.

We are happy to announce that math faculty member and head basketball coach John Kwok is the September Eagle of the Month.

Mr. Kwok’s nominations included these comments by his students:

“Coach Kwok makes learning incredibly interesting and fun for all of his students. He makes students want to pay attention to the information rather than losing interest in the subject and have difficulty paying attention. Coach Kwok also teaches using language that teenagers understand. He uses examples that have humor built into them as well as core information. He is a really good example of a perfect teacher for an all-boys high school.”

Another student commented that “coach Kwok shows excellent spirit in his teaching and as I went through his class my average grade increased 10 fold.  He is a very personable and capable teacher, who despite his jokes, gets work done and teaches the students as he entertains them at the same time.”

Thank you, Mr. Kwok for your dedication and innovation to the young men of St. Thomas.  You are truly deserving to be September’s Eagle of the Month!

Previously campus ministry director Marty Matulia received the inaugural recognition.