The Basilian Fathers are eternally grateful to the generous supporters who empower the St. Thomas scholarship and tuition assistance program, catalysts for change, fueling a broad movement of giving within the Eagle community.

Those who attended the 11th Annual Scholarship Breakfast heard the compelling heartfelt testimonials from Melvin Larkins ’18 and Michael Garza ‘18 who spoke to the benefits and influence of a premier college preparatory experience buttressed by a brotherhood unlike any other.

Theirs is but the beginning of how students from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds are currently sharing in the Basilian educational tradition, giving rise to their lives and fortifying their futures, all funded by philanthropy honoring the legacy of Teach Me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge.

Throughout my tenure at St. Thomas High School, I can proudly say that the time I have spent at this amazing school, has been the best experience I’ve ever had. For me, the educational experience here at St. Thomas is unparalleled to any other education I have received. The school nurtures such a supportive environment in which anyone can grow and develop their interests. For myself, personally, I have grown as a St. Thomas singer, Drama Club actor, EBN anchor and Columbian Squire. I have developed new talents and interests I did not know I was capable of. All of these amazing programs and opportunities, or even the chance to go to St. Thomas, would not have been possible without all of your generosity. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely would like to express my thanks and gratitude. ~ Member of the Class of 2019

My experience at St. Thomas has been amazing. I’ve met many great people who’ve helped me grow in my education, as well as my interest in the arts. I’ve made so many memories that I’ll never forget and can’t wait to make more. St. Thomas is a school, as well as a brotherhood and I’m reminded of that every day. ~ Member of Class of 2020

My St. Thomas experience has been a wild ride. For me being a senior, I have been able to make long-lasting memories, great friendships, win a state championship, and experience what it truly means to be a man of St. Thomas. I love the brotherhood that St. Thomas offers to everyone who attends. I am truly blessed to have received a financial aid scholarship to attend school here because of the opportunity it has given me to excel in my academics and athletics. ~ Member of the Class of 2018

I really didn’t know to expect when I first came to St. Thomas. I was new and felt a little cut-off. I was starting to get the feel of the schedule when Harvey hit. I was sort of stuck back to square one. Once I came back though, I was thrust into a place of awe and excitement. I had plenty ups and downs during the year. I did learn quite a few things at St. Thomas and not just academics. One of the things I learned here was pretty much all I need to feel that a school is right for me. It is the idea of family has always been the most important part of a school to have. St. Thomas has something that is just right. This is something special. This feels like home. So thank you for accepting me and let me fly high. ~ Member of the Class of 2021

I am a junior at St. Thomas and it still amazes me how great this school is. St. Thomas has allowed me to fully spread my wings and become a true Eagle these past few years. I am a part of the St. Thomas singers, the Columbian Squires, the St. Thomas theater program, and the founder of a St. Thomas club. I am thankful for all St. Thomas has been able to offer me, from life-long friendships to an education like no other, and I sing my alma mater with pride, for I am a proud man of St. Thomas. ~ Member of the Class of 2019

St. Thomas has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. It has given me a foundation and skills that I will cherish for the rest of my life. STH has shown me how to be a better young man of society in many ways. The main thing I will take from this great institution when I leave here is the way the community comes together and helps everyone succeed and reach their goals. That’s what I love most about STH. ~ Member of the Class of 2018.

St. Thomas is a school that not only prepares you for college with better education, but it also develops you into a better person. From the moment I first started attending this school to where I am now, I have developed into a better person because of the welcoming environment and excellent education that St. Thomas has to offer. ~ Member of the Class of 2019

Attending St. Thomas has been a memorable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. At STH, I learned how to connect and make meaningful relationships with other people, and ultimately this resulted in my partaking of the St. Thomas brotherhood. While my time attending St. Thomas is limited, the friendships that I have made here are not. ~ Member of the Class of 2018

I appreciate how STH has allowed me to expand my interests and be involved in organizations like rugby and publications: two things I never thought I would end up joining coming into high school. Because of this, and because of the great academics and spiritual experiences, STH has been more than just a high school for me and I am well prepared for college. Eagle Fight Never Dies! ~ Member of the Class of 2018

I think that this school has a strong student and teacher bond. The teachers actually care about your education and they want you to succeed in life. As for the students, we maintain a strong brotherhood and try to help ourselves and our peers walk in the footsteps of Christ. ~ Member of the Class of 2021

Senior year is always a busy time: sending out college applications and looking forward to bigger and greater things in college; but for however busy it may seem, it is always a time of reflection and nostalgia, looking back to freshman year and recognizing how far we have come. For me, this year has made me appreciate these past four years at STH and all my experiences here that have prepared me for the future; even though graduation will mark the end of my journey at St. Thomas, it will mark the beginning of my being a Man of St. Thomas in the real world. ~ Member of the Class of 2018

Choosing to come to St. Thomas is one of the best decisions I have made. Although I have only been at the school one semester, I have come to realize the many opportunities that I have to grow, learn, and make lifetime friends. Getting to attend the father/son retreat and being a member of the band are just two of many great experiences I have already had. I love being at St. Thomas. ~ Member of the Class of 2021

St Thomas has become a second home for me, and most importantly, it has become my second family with which I am making lifetime memories. ~ Member of the Class of 2020.

My experience here at St. Thomas has been quite remarkable so far. When I was looking at different high schools, St. Thomas really stood out to me because of the brotherhood here. I have met plenty of great people who have helped me better myself as a person. I’m very glad to be here and I’m looking forward to the next few years here at St. Thomas. ~ Member of the Class of 2021

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