Dear Friends,

Monday I was elected as Superior General of the Basilian Fathers. I begin the position immediately and as you can imagine it is with mixed emotions. I am honored and humbled to be chosen to the position and at the same time very sad to be leaving St. Thomas. St. Thomas has been my home since 2004 and I have loved every second of it, first as a member of the faculty and secondly as president. I am so proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved together.

I am delighted to announce that Fr. James Murphy, CSB will serve as the interim president for this upcoming school year and that we have engaged Carney Sandoe & Associates to conduct a nationwide search to determine the next president of St. Thomas. Fr. Murphy has over 16 years of experience in education across 5 different Basilian high schools. He has been a valuable and loved member of the St. Thomas community since 2011 and he has a Masters in Education from Boston College. I know that you will pray and support Fr. Murphy with the same kindness and patience that you showed me.

Please know how grateful I am for your generosity, words of encouragement and guidance during my time here, and let us continue to pray for St. Thomas because Eagle Fight Never Dies and our best times are ahead!

God bless,
Fr. Kevin Storey, CSB
President, St. Thomas High School