This past Monday, the Basilian Fathers held elections for our General Council. Before each vote, we prayed for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Trusting in the grace and wisdom of the Spirit, Fr. Kevin Storey, CSB was chosen to lead our congregation for the next four years.

With Fr. Storey’s election as Superior General of the Congregation of St. Basil, I will be stepping into the role of President of St. Thomas High School. I am honored to serve our community in my new role and ask for your prayers not only for myself but for Fr. Storey, whose strong work in Houston has been a beacon for the entire Basilian congregation.

Since moving to Houston in 2011, I have worked in virtually every corner of this school … Board of Directors, faculty, fine arts, chaplaincy, athletics, discipline, and more. I understand the great work that happens each and every day that makes St. Thomas the very best Houston can offer. With the grace of the same Spirit, I pray for the strength and wisdom to serve the St. Thomas community with joy and integrity.

As our meetings have ended in Canada, I will be visiting my family in Massachusetts for a bit before returning to Houston. I am excited and ready to see what beautiful and joyful work we can accomplish together. We have put in motion the plans for a full presidential search to ensure the strength and future of our school. In the meantime, let us thank God for St. Thomas and the opportunity to serve Christ as we teach goodness, discipline, and knowledge.

In Christ,

Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!