As we conclude the most recent academic year, I am drawn back in 2011 when I began teaching at St. Thomas. That year I was primarily involved with freshmen theology and encountered that group as they developed and matured into their 2015 graduation. Many of those young freshmen have since graduated from colleges and universities this past month. The wheels keep turning.

We have embraced another group of students advancing from St. Thomas and they are prepared for whatever challenges are next on their horizon. And as they move forward, our current and incoming scholars brace for new experiences in our hallowed halls.

Our academic community has recently experienced triumph and defeat. It has welcomed new life while suffering injury and death. Throughout the year our brotherhood has demonstrated the strength of our faith and the truth of the phrase Eagle Fight Never Dies!

As we enter the summer months, some Eagles will travel, some will work, others will volunteer or remain stay close to campus. Wherever the 2019 summer leads you, may God watch over you and keep you safe.

As with our faculty, some will be retiring or moving on to fresh opportunities. May God bless them for their care and dedication and watch over them as they move forward.

Use some of your time this summer to read a good book, listen to new music, watch a classic movie, enjoy time outside, reconnect with friends and family, cook a meal for a loved one, say a prayer for someone in need.

Bright smiles!

President Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB