St. Thomas recognizes the latest induction into our acclaimed chapter of the National Honor Society. The distinction was achieved through a selection process based upon exemplary scholarship, enthusiastic service, steadfast leadership, and uncompromising character – qualities associated with the NHS since its founding in 1921.

The nation’s premier organization established to identify and encourage extensive high school accomplishment also celebrates characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.

“All in the St. Thomas campus community salute our champion scholars for their resolute efforts toward excellence,” says Principal Dr. Aaron Dominguez ‘96. “They model the power of resilient work and embody the Basilian values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge. As they continue their college preparatory experience and spiritual journeys, I encourage them to embrace the joy of inspiring others to realize their dreams.”

Science faculty member Dr. Claire Conboy is in her first year as chapter advisor and played a pivotal role in determining the deep St. Thomas NHS participation.

“This is significant prestige that demonstrates the depth of the academic achievement thriving within St. Thomas,” Conboy says. “We are about developing and nurturing our students to reach their potential not only through curriculum but as vibrant contributors to society. And this honor provides a guiding light for all our young men of what is attainable and what should be pursued.”

Involvement in NHS is both prestigious and an exclusive responsibility, with students expected to continue to reflect the society’s high standards, as well as serve the school and their fellow students as academic leaders, role models, and tutors.

The St. Thomas NHS officers for the 2019-20 academic year are president Grant McCoy ‘20, vice president Ryan Mercado ‘20, treasurer Jimmy Phan ‘20, secretary Jean-Paul Nguyen ‘20, and parliamentarian William Sterner ‘20.

McCoy and Harrison Held ’20 previously earned semifinalist distinction in the National Merit Scholarship Program and were among 10 St. Thomas scholars recognized by the NMSC, including commended students Grayson Drinkard ‘20, Adam Dunn ‘20, Nathan Lee ‘20, and Joseph Swan’20, and Hispanic National Merit Scholars Mercado, Charles Boutte ’20, Trent Butler ‘20, and Mason Ritchie ‘20.

The newly inducted NHS members for the 2019-20 academic year include:

  • Evan Benavides ‘21, Michael Bevers ‘21, Cael Boeckman ‘21, Augustus Boettcher ’21, Brady Bourgoyne ‘21, Vinicius Braga ‘21, and Zachary Bryant ‘21
  • Max Chung ‘21, Arthur Clarke ‘21, Jackson Cooper ‘21, Carlos Copello ‘20, Travis Cummins ‘21, Adam Desroches ‘21, and Hayden Diamond ’21
  • Travis Enochs ’20, Tanner Erb ’21, and Christopher Ezeude ‘20
  • Adam Gensheimer ’21, Griffin Gregory ‘21, and Christopher Guzman ‘21
  • Jacob Hulvey ’21
  • Carlos Kaehler ‘21, Aidan Kelley ‘21, and Alex Kinsel ’21
  • Sebastian Lanz ‘21, Vincent Lee ‘21, and Francisco LLamosa ‘21
  • Raphael Mamaradlo ‘21, Luke McLane ‘21, Dylan Michaels ‘21, Noah Mims ‘21, Luiangelo Montes ‘21, Benito Moreno-Garza ‘21, and Thomas Murray ‘21
  • Dat Nguyen ’21, Roman Ochoa ’21, Jhosua Pasuquin ’21, and Patrick Pham ‘21
  • George Rentz ‘21, Michael Requenes ‘21, Luis Reyes ‘21, Micah Reyes ‘21, Will Rizzo ‘21, Christian Rumohr ‘21, and Kyle Rzasnicki ‘20
  • Aaron Schlosser ‘21, Edward Sprigg ‘20, and Andrew Sudkamp ‘21
  • Pablo Tager Ballesca ’21, Chris Tan ‘21, Drew Tolson ‘21, and Marshall Turbes ‘21
  • Thomas Valdes ‘21 and Zachary Voltz ‘21
  • Haotong Wang ‘21, Creighton Ward ‘21, Jonah Webster ‘21, and Zachary Wilson ‘21
  • Bishop Yokubaitis ‘21

These commended students join fellow Eagles who had previously revealed the ability to excel, serve, lead and succeed with a genuine quest for challenge and excellence.

  • Martin Beirne ‘20, Aidan Brelinsky ‘20, Alec Burbridge ‘20, and Butler
  • Nicholas Chandler ‘20
  • Drinkard and Dunn
  • WIll Gardner ‘20
  • Daniel Jones ‘20
  • Zachary Kroencke ‘20
  • Jacob Lara ‘20 and Jonathan Lay ‘20
  • McCoy and Mercado
  • Jordan Navarijo ‘20 and Nguyen
  • Phan, Nico Pivnik ’20, and Nicolas Prodoehl ‘20
  • Anthony Schlak ‘20 and Sterner
  • Camden Thomas ‘20, Cooper Thomas ‘20, and Michael Tran ‘20
  • Charles White ‘20

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