On February 15, the St. Thomas community will join together for a 5K run/walk in support of Steps for Students. Steps for Students is an annual event benefiting the 59 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

The goal of Steps for Students is to unite the greater Houston community to raise awareness of Catholic education and provide much needed resources for our Catholic schools. This is an opportunity for all members of our faith community to come together to support education of mind, heart, and spirit.

The Steps for Students event includes a sunrise Mass, 5K USA Track and Field Association sanctioned race, Catholic School Village, and post-race party. Over 12,000 people come together each year to raise in excess of $1 million to meet these needs.

St. Thomas’ goal is to have 100% participation among faculty, Staff and Students which can happen in 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Sign up and run the 5K
  2. Sign up to hit the snooze button (you do not have to run the 5K)
  3. Volunteer before or on race day and earn service hours

Interested? Please see all options below.

I. Registration for Step for Students

    1. Go to the website – (steps4students.org)
    2. At the top of the page in the “Search” option, enter “St. Thomas” and click “Search”.
    3. Click on the link with our school logo.
    4. At the top of the page select “Register”
    5. Click on the Registration Type
      1. Registration – Run the 5K (timed or not time, up to you)
      2. Hit the Snooze for Students – you will donate $ but will not compete race day.
    6. Fill in your personal information. (Name, Number, Email…)
    7. Under Name of student this registration supports:
      1. Leave blank – unless you know someone
    8. For school team select “ST. Thomas”
    9. Under Packet Pickup Instructions
      1. Click on: Please send my packet to my school. (The last day to have a packet sent to your school will be January 30*)
    10. After filling out all the required information Click “Save”
    11. Click on the box after reading the waiver.
    12. Click “Next”
    13. Fill out the Payment Details and Click “Next”
    14. If you would like to cover the $1.22 processing fee, click the box. If not leave blank.
    15. Click “Register”
    16. When asked to “Please Select an Organization to Fundraise For” Choose “St. Thomas

II. Volunteer Sign-Up

Our volunteer sign-up is now available here. We have volunteer opportunities available both pre-race and on race day.

Your participation or donation helps provide the foundation for our students to become the leaders of tomorrow. For more information, please go to the sths.org and search for “Step For Students,” or contact Coach Nathan Labus at Nathan.Labus@sths.org.