St. Thomas Family,

A hallmark of our Basilian institution since its inception in 1900 is its unshakable sense of community. Our purpose is always the health and well being of our scholars, faculty, and staff, and that priority has dramatically heightened during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

We pray that our extended Eagle families are safe as we continue to adjust to the dramatic changes facing our nation in the throes of an unprecedented challenge. We admire your support in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Most importantly, we own a great appreciation for your displaying the Basilian values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge in placing the needs of others ahead of the wants of the individual.

As scholars, faculty, and support staff reconvene with remote learning and online classes, we’ll examine processes and adjust to the new normal. The leadership from our stakeholders and administrators has been and will remain direct, compassionate, and thoughtful.

St. Thomas has proven through generations to be at its best when facing adversity. The next few months will hold many unknowns. At times when we seem so isolated, let us remain together in our concern and united by our resolve. Let us be thankful we are on this journey together. Let us lift each other to God in prayer that we and our families will be safe. We anticipate a safe welcome back to campus, and together, we will be stronger as we move forward to become what we are not yet.

Catholic. Basilian. Teaching Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge since 1900.